How to Prepare Your Skin for the Holidays
How to Prepare Your Skin for the Holidays
One of the essentials to looking your best during the holidays is preparing your skin for the season. Schedule your dermaplaning appointment now, as professional estheticians tend to book up fast this time of year. Dermaplaning is a popular treatment that sees a licensed professional using a professional dermaplaning tool to skim dead surface skin cells and hair from your face. The result is an instantly smoother and brighter-looking complexion.

The sound of sleigh bells seems to jingle earlier each year. Before you know it, the holiday season is here, and the hustle and bustle begin. So much prepping and planning goes into each holiday season, from basting the turkey to trimming the tree and wrapping gifts, but don’t forget about preparing your skin too. Whether you have holiday photos to take or want to look your best for all your holiday events, it’s essential to carve out a little self-care time to ensure your needs are taken care of too.

One of the most significant elements to looking your best this time of year is timing your treatments, making November a popular month to start. Here is a quick guide to giving your skin the preparation and care it deserves this holiday season.

Time to Book Your Appointments

There is nothing more disappointing than trying to schedule your appointments only to realize everything is booked through the end of the year. Yes, you could call around to see if anyone is available, but you certainly don’t want just anybody touching your face. You want to go to an experienced, licensed esthetician who has completed the proper training, including dermaplaning classes. If you delay calling for appointments, finding a seasoned professional with any availability will be challenging. Plus, you don’t want to book too close to any holiday events, as you need to give your skin time to rest and repair after a treatment.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Facial Treatment

The most effective way to get your skin holiday ready is with clinical skincare facial treatments performed by a professional. If you are new to advanced skincare, consider starting with a deep pore cleansing facial that can be customized with skincare ingredients to target skin concerns specific to your skin type. Whether your concerns are reducing oil, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, or uneven skin pigmentation, a facial can help tone, clarify, and smooth out your complexion.

In addition to facials, chemical peel treatments range from light enzyme exfoliation to medium-depth acid exfoliation and are designed to safely release dead skin cells that can dull the skin’s appearance and resilience to environmental stressors. The holidays are joyful but also stressful, so who couldn’t use some resilient skin during the most chaotic season of the year?

‘Tis the Season for Hair-Free Holidays

When you think skincare, most people think of the face, but the rest of our skin needs prepping too. Several skin-related body treatments will help get your skin holiday ready without hassle. One perfect pampering treatment to consider is hair removal waxing. Facial and body waxing is a convenient, traditional method to remove hair that eliminates the need to shave and tweeze because who has time for that during the holidays?

Another option for hair removal is laser treatment. Whether you opt for waxing or laser treatments, you will want to book your hair removal treatments early to ensure your skin is silky smooth, soft, and hair-free before the hectic holiday hoopla takes over.

Think About Dermaplaning

If you want glowing skin this holiday season, think about scheduling a dermaplaning session. Dermaplaning is a popular treatment where a licensed professional esthetician uses a professional dermaplaning tool or exfoliating blade to skim dead surface skin cells and hair from your face. The result is an instantly smoother and brighter-looking complexion. One significant benefit of dermaplaning is a better makeup application, so start practicing your holiday makeover now.

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