How To Maintain Your Healthy Complexion While Traveling
How To Maintain Your Healthy Complexion While Traveling
As fun and exciting as traveling and exploring new places can be, it can be tough on your skin. Changing climates and altitudes, as well as low humidity airplane air, can all cause changes in your complexion. You can combat these elements by using products with natural ingredients and using items for sensitive skin, like sensitive face moisturizer and more.

Everyone is eager to get back to traveling and you might be making plans for later in the new year. Exploring new destinations and enjoying the ride there is part of the experience. But it is no secret that traveling can be hard on our skin. Changing climates and altitudes can cause dryness and irritation to your complexion and put a damper on your trip. But luckily, there are some products and tricks to keeping your skin healthy and radiant regardless of the travel ups and downs.

Choose Products with Gentle Natural Ingredients

Keeping your skin healthy and radiant starts with the ingredient list of your products. By choosing products with natural ingredients, you are cutting down on potentially harsh ingredients and synthetic irritants. Natural botanicals and antioxidants keep your skin hydrated and revitalize your complexion. Skincare products with natural ingredients are also better for the environment and won't cause harm to surrounding plants and animals after use. Keep your products with natural ingredients in a place where they won't overheat, and keep them easily accessible throughout your travel period.

Moisturize Like Mad

The best way to combat that dry and flakey travel skin is to moisturize like mad during your trip. Circulated air can be dry and harsh, so be sure to use a heavy moisturizing night cream the evening before your flight and then follow up with your regular moisturizer in the morning before you board. This should help your skin stay hydrated during travel and give you a little bit more coverage as you get to your destination. Sensitive face moisturizer is also particularly effective for traveling because of its gentleness. It will also help your skin adjust to any sensitivities of your new environment.

Keep Your Routine as Consistent as You Can

Traveling mixes up our regular schedules and can make it harder to keep up with our normal skincare routine. But washing your face in both the evenings and the mornings is essential to achieving a healthy complexion regardless of where you are in the world. Removing dirt and makeup regularly helps keep environmental irritants off your skin and helps your skin repair itself while you sleep. Using a cream cleanser during your travels can help keep your skin adequately hydrated by adding an extra layer of moisture while you cleanse.

Pamper Yourself on Arrival

Once you arrive at your destination, take some time to pamper yourself. Whether traveling for work or leisure, making time for yourself will only benefit you in the long run. So draw yourself a bath, break out a hydrating facial mask and give yourself a mini spa retreat the first night of your trip. A little pampering can give your skin a little bit of a buffer between the travel fatigue and climate fluctuation of traveling and settling into your new environment.

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