How To Best Care for Your Sensitive Skin This Winter
How To Best Care for Your Sensitive Skin This Winter
Sensitive skin can be a pain at any time of the year, but winter can make it feel even worse. With low temperatures and less moisture in the air, sensitive skin can become harder to manage. But keeping consistent cleansing, using a sensitive face moisturizer, and taking care of your body's health are all ways that you can combat skin sensitivity this winter.

Sensitive skin is an extremely common condition that most people have to deal with at some point in their lives. Coping with skin sensitivity isn't fun at any time of the year, and it can be exacerbated by the low humidity and cold temperatures brought on by winter. That is why it is extra vital to cater to your skin's needs when the weather gets colder. You can reduce flare-ups and nourish your sensitive skin with some simple but effective products made with natural ingredients this winter.

Keep Up On Cleansing

Regular cleansing is essential for controlling your sensitive skin. When sensitive skin is exposed to dirt and makeup for too long, it can increase the irritability of your skin. Avoid washing your face with hot water, even though it is much more tempting in the wintertime. Washing your face with gently warm water can help reduce dryness and redness. Always wash with a gentle cleanser made with natural ingredients. Potentially harsh, synthetic ingredients might increase sensitivity. You can use a gentle detoxifying facial scrub to help exfoliate and remove impurities once or twice a week.

Choose Natural Moisturizers

You always want to follow up your cleansers with moisturizers. Again, look for natural ingredients because naturally derived products tend to have fewer irritants in them. If you've found regular moisturizers to be a bit tricky, then consider trying a sensitive face moisturizer. Sensitive face moisturizers deliver that extra boost of nourishing hydration while being gentle and light on the skin. Look for sensitive face moisturizers that do not contain essential oils for fragrance as they can irritate delicate skin. A combination of vitamins and antioxidants makes these products more effective. Choosing natural skincare ingredients for your routine can be better for sensitive skin, but it is also better for the environment. It won't harm any plant or animal it comes into contact with, perfect for pet-friendly homes.

Take Care of Your Body

This tip sounds like the most obvious one, but many people don't realize that your skin can be a reflection of your body's health. Sometimes, sensitive skin can be caused by food sensitivities. So it is crucial to keep your diet as healthy as possible even though we crave comfort food in the winter. As important as external moisturizers are, drinking extra water during the winter is an excellent way to internally make up for the moisture loss in the air outside. Getting adequate sleep is essential to calm sensitive skin because your skin's blood flow increases while you sleep, which helps to calm irritation and redness. So eat a healthy dinner, put on a relaxing hydrating facial mask, drink a tall glass of water and get to bed early whenever possible.

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