Why Do Featured Snippets Get More Visible to Boost SEO?
Why Do Featured Snippets Get More Visible to Boost SEO?
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Google has been changing their search algorithm (or "algorithm") to adjust to the changing ways that people use Google. This change affects how results are ranked and shows up in two ways: featured snippets and autocomplete suggestions. Featured snippets are a new way of displaying information in search results. They show up as "answers" to questions, and they appear at the top of the page with an ellipsis ("…") in the search results.

Featured snippets are those that appear at the top of your search results. They look like normal search results but with a special box on the right-hand side with additional information about what you're searching for.

If you're looking for a recipe and type in "How do I make chocolate chip cookies?" Google will show you a featured snippet with instructions for making them! The popularity of this feature has led many SEO Sydney experts to start focusing on creating content that can be featured in these snippets.

Improved rankings.

As you know, Google wants to provide the best search results for users. To do this, they use a variety of signals to determine which pages are most relevant. Some examples include:

  • Quality of content on a page
  • User experience on a page
  • How often is a page updated

Find a popular query in your specialty or area of expertise.

One way that you can improve your search rankings is by finding a popular query in your specialty or area of expertise.

You'll want to find a query that's relevant to your business, Sydney SEO Consultant also suggest a high search volume and low competition. This will help you get noticed by Google's algorithms, so they can start featuring you as an answer.

For example, if you have a blog about technology, you may have seen an increase in rankings for the phrase "how to fix my computer." This is because Google has identified that your page has high-quality content related to fixing computers and that this is a popular query for people searching on Google.

Sydney SEO Consultan

Assist you in increasing traffic.

You can use this traffic to generate leads, increase brand awareness and increase your conversion rate. The most obvious way is by offering a special promotion or coupon code for people who click on your featured snippet.

Another way is by creating an incentive for viewers to like your page after they've clicked on it. This encourages them to make their friends aware that they found what they were looking for on your site and maybe even bookmark you!

You should also consider writing content specifically designed around each feature in order to optimize its visibility so that when someone searches again, they know exactly where they can find what they need at all times without having to dig through dozens of pages trying desperately not to lose track of where he started looking originally (something I have definitely done before).

Optimized for voice search.

There's no doubt that voice search is the future of SEO Sydney. It has been predicted for years now, and it will soon be here...and when it does, you need to be ready! This means optimizing your content to include words and phrases that people would use when speaking into their devices instead of typing them in manually.

Voice-based search engines can understand natural language, making it easier for users to find what they're looking for as they don't have to spell out every detail of their query or use precise syntax like "how do I..." or "where is...?" This helps with user experience and increases the likelihood of conversions in your store!


If you want to improve your search rankings, using featured snippets is a great way. They are optimized for voice search and can help your website rank higher in Google. So go ahead and use them on your site today!