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Website audit | Zabtechdigital
We the best website audit and SEO auditing service provider in Dubai. From our auditing service, we can help you to improve your site performance.

The best Website Audit & SEO Auditing services in UAE

Increase your online presence with our most effective website audit services in dubai! Conducting a website audit identifies the website architecture and provides a platform to improve technical site performance!

ZabTech is the leading Website Audit & SEO audit service in Dubai. We assess your site’s health and performance. Website audit regularly is essential because they can help you identify and fix any website issues. The issues could be holding your site back from achieving its full potential.

ZabTech analyses the traffic your website that is received. Which also can help you learn about a variety of people.

Who sees your website, when they access your content, and where they access it, including their geographical place and tool. Moreover, Recognizing traffic helps you identify where you can best spend your sources.

The auditing process for Zabtech

ZabTech examines a website to identify any potential issues hindering its performance. While there are many aspects to consider during an audit, one of the most important is the blog section.

ZabTech, pay close attention to these factors. That is to get a good idea of how effective the website’s blog section is and whether it needs improvement.

We are offering different types of website audit:

Technical Audit

SEO Audit

Content Audit

ZabTech can use many types of Website audits. It is possible to perform many website audits, but not all of them are created equal. The following are some of the most common types of audits that ZabTech can conduct on a website:

SEO Audit: A SEO audit assesses how well search engines use a website. A website audit will analyze keyword usage, Website structure, and inbound links.

Usability Audit: This type of audit will look at factors such as the site’s layout, design, and overall user experience to identify areas that need improvement.

Security Audit: A security audit assesses a website’s security and identifies potential vulnerabilities. This audit will look at factors such as the site’s code, database security, and server configuration to identify any areas that hackers could exploit.


Performance Audit: A performance audit assesses how well a website loads and performs. This type of audit will look at factors such as the page.

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