Top 5 Off-page SEO Activities
Top 5 Off-page SEO Activities
Do you want to know the best and top 5 off page SEO activities? If yes then this post will really help you in finding something.

There are three types of SEO Off-page, On-page, and Technical SEO. All have an important role to rank any website in the Google search engine. According to the best SEO Company in Noida, Here I am going to tell you the best and most powerful 5 off-page SEO activities that will help rank your website and targeted keywords.

1) Question & Answer:- It is an effective method to create backlinks. There are too many websites that users visit to find answers to their questions.  You can visit Quora, It is a Q&A platform Quora has 40 million total monthly users. 15% of the users are from India.

2) Image Submission:- It is also an effective method as we all know memes are the trends. By using memes and infographics you can get organic traffic on your social media platforms. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. These websites have great DA that will help your website in increasing Domain Authority.

3) Video Submission:- Video submission is a good SEO practice, it refers to submitting your distinctive products, company intro, or publishing any type of service. You can use these websites for video submissions: YouTube,,, FaceBook, etc.

4) Social Media Submission:- As we all know that people have started spending more and more time on social media, some use social media for their business and some to pass the time. That's why we should use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and these platforms help our business information reach people. It is a good activity in Off-page SEO.

5) PPT Submission:- It is a most effective and beneficial Off-page activity that helps in providing your business information to the people. It is the best marketing tool that is used to create backlinks. With the help of informative and engaging PowerPoint slides, you can share your business information worldwide.
Best PPT submission sites that you can use for creating backlinks for your projects:,,,