Onsite and Offsite SEO Services from a Leading SEO Agency
Onsite and Offsite SEO Services from a Leading SEO Agency
Onsite and Offsite SEO Services from a Leading SEO Agency



Onsite SEO


Content Optimisation


Your content needs to be hard-hitting, engaging and relevant. But that’s not enough. It also needs to be primed for your target keywords. We’ll work with you to improve existing content as well as create new, newly-optimised content. Through extensive research, we will identify which specific keywords and key phrases to use, and help you seamlessly weave them into every page on your website. Our goal, ultimately, is to ensure you have the right content – and that it sends the right signals to Google’s search engine algorithm, positioning your business for success.

UX Optimisation

Ensuring visitors to your site have a positive user experience is the key to converting clicks into sales. It also keeps them coming back for more. At Top Click, we assess every detail of your site – no matter how insignificant it seems –identifying areas where UX could be improved. We pay particularly careful attention to ensuring your site is mobile (smartphone and tablet) friendly.


The way your site is interlinked sends powerful signals Google’s way and is an important factor in your search engine ranking. It also improves your UX. Essentially, you want all the pages of your site to speak to each other in a coherent, intuitive manner. A smart internal linking strategy from Top Click really can send your website into SEO hyper-drive.

Technical SEO

There are a number of technical aspects that need to be in place to ensure your site is fully functional and accessible. Top Click will help you iron out all the technical errors that impede your site, including broken links, sitemap issues, 404 errors, 301 redirects and duplicated content.

Offsite SEO

When other sites link to your site it signals to Google that your site is a valuable internet resource and worth a high ranking. The more high-quality, relevant backlinks you have, the easier it is for Google to find you and rank you positively.


The key to getting offsite optimisation is having great content and building great relationships. It’s also important to establish and maintain a strong social media presence.


And of course, off-site SEO works hand-in-hand with on-site SEO. People only link to, and share, content that they like.


Off-site SEO is responsible for roughly 50% of your overall SEO ranking, so it’s important to get it right. And – in addition to improving your search ranking – offsite SEO boosts brand awareness and reputation, driving even more traffic to your site.


Top Click works with you to develop relationships with key strategic partners and to place links to your site in as many diverse places as possible. From industry pages and news sites to blogs and social media influencers, we will help you get the word out about your business.


At Top Click SEO Agency, We Offer Local SEO Packages, Regional SEO Packages, National SEO Packages and International SEO Packages at competitive prices.


Our SEO Packages include but are not limited to, SEO Audits, Yoast SEO set-up, On-page SEO, Google Search Console set-up, Sitemap Generation, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Conversion Tracking.


For premium SEO Services get in touch with us. Top Click is a leading SEO Company based in South Africa.


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