Where to Find an Article Writer for Hire
Where to Find an Article Writer for Hire
An article writer who is experienced in SEO can be a powerful way for business owners to enhance the results of their marketing campaigns. A professional article writer will provide you with high quality articles that incorporate SEO best practices. The expert writing skills of an article writer will make your company look better and will increase your chances of success in marketing. There are many options for hiring an article writer.


If you want to search for an article writer for hire to write content for your website, consider hiring a SkillHub article writer. They allow you to submit articles to review and will approve them within 3 working days. You don't need to be concerned about rejection. They can also offer partial payment in the event that your articles aren’t approved.

With SkillHUb, you can select a writer based on his or her expertise and experience. The profile will include information such as author experience, writing rates, reviews from clients, and a list of client testimonials. You can then choose a writer who meets your requirements and budget.

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Contently connects writers with big companies. It aims to make it easy for writers to grow their careers. This service is available for free, and you don't need any previous experience.

The US-based Contently has a list of more than one hundred forty thousand content creators. This platform boasts an extensive network that includes editors and writers. It claims it is the biggest free job board for content creation, and has over 140,000 registered content creators. Posting a job is absolutely free. You also have the ability to upgrade your account to access paid services.


LinkedIn can help you find an article writer. You will find many professional writers at this social networking site. It's easy to find writers using the search feature or posting your job. You can even boost your job description if you do not have it.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to network and offer your services. Your profile is viewable by anyone who wants to see it and then decide whether or no they would like to hire you. Simply make your profile relevant to the job description. LinkedIn's job board works in the same manner as traditional job boards. You have a greater chance of being hired if you use this feature.

A portfolio site can be used to display your writing talents. This will demonstrate to potential clients that your content strategy is consistent and you don't accept the lowest-priced writer. Use LinkedIn's publishing platform for your most valuable blog posts. Clients and possible employers will appreciate consistency.


All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing offers freelance writing positions. You will find a variety of freelancing jobs, including writing positions. There are also pay rates. Sign up for job alerts on the site. These writing jobs are great if you have some experience and a portfolio of your work.

You should open a PayPal Account for freelance writers. The writer will get payment each Monday. Minimum balance $25 Rates vary based on the type of article and the number of words requested by the client. You can get a higher rate if you hold multiple jobs.


Craigslist will help you find an article writer. It's an online classifieds site that allows you to post ads for writing jobs. Post your Craigslist ad in the city that has many article writers. This could be New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago. You will have the best chance to attract writers from these areas.

Beware of scams, though. Many scammers target desperate writers, so you should be very cautious. Sometimes, these scammers ask for samples of writing or will demand immediate payment. Although these scams can be difficult to detect, it is possible to avoid them by following your gut.