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Demerits of WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world. There are plenty of plugins and themes available in it and there are a lot of  web developers  who use it for making websites for their clients. It's very simple to use.

Is that a reliable one to use??


Your present and prospective customers are searching for you on the internet.

The thing that you should do, provides them with a simple and enjoyable user experience so that they will positively relate to your business.

By having a website that is fully functional and loads rapidly, you can provide a wonderful experience to your clients.Notice one thing, all the websites are created differently.

Moreover, there are so many technical problems that arise during creating a website mainly if it's created with WordPress.Here we are going to share some disadvantages of WordPress Websites.

1. Website Vulnerability & Data Security

    Undoubtedly we can say that the biggest disadvantage of WordPress is Security. 

    WordPress is a popular and open-source platform so the chance of getting hacked is very high.

    Even if we download all the security plugins offered by WordPress, it may not be sufficient for keeping our website safe.   Selecting the needed plugins and themes for your WordPress websites is very crucial, as I mentioned WordPress is a popular and open-source platform so it is  the main spot of hackers and scammers.

    If your website has a blog section that allows comments or a contact us form then there is a chance of getting your WordPress website spammed.

    Updates play a crucial role in keeping our WordPress website safe, mostly hacking happens because of the use of outdated plugins and themes.

2. Slow Platform

    Just imagine, you went to a shop for buying some apples and in the window, you saw a board that the shop reopens after 5 minutes and even after 5 minutes the shop doesn't open, will you wait there for another five minutes?? 

It's a known fact that surely you will leave the shop.

    It's the exact thing that goes to happen on your WordPress Website.

    That's why the speed at which your pages load and function is so much important.

    WordPress is still a very slow platform due to the installation of plugins, oversaturated databases, and codebases.

     The thin that you should always keep in your mind is that loading time and server response time play a major role in a website's google ranking.

3. Lots of PLugins For Additional Features

    What is a plugin??

    A plugin is a bit of code that is used to append features or perform a particular task to your WordPress website.

    In general, for any special feature, we need to add a new plugin and those plugins need to be managed and updated regularly.

    This is not an easy task, for an instance, just imagine you have an application on your mobile, and for performing special functionalities you have  to install each plugin. Is that sound good? I can read your mind, the answer is Definitely Not!!!

    If you want to add a special feature to your WordPress website you can search for it, there are both free plugins and paid plugins available.    Maybe sometimes you should find some plugins which are outdated and can't be used longer.

4. Deficient SEO ranking

    SEO plays a major role to stay competitive, important, and accessible to your clients.

    WordPress packages comprise only limited SEO Optimizing features, which doesn't help you rank on google.   Those people who have no SEO experience or knowledge may find it difficult to work on it.

    To boost your Search engine optimization efforts, you have to find better ways like stronger software and technology.  Moreover, you need thousands of relevant keywords that will help your brand to be found in the search engine by prospective and current clients.

5. Constantly occurring Internal Server Errors

    These errors mostly occur when the plugins and themes are corrupted, due to fully consumed PHP memory limit, corrupted files, and coding issues.   firstly, if there is a plugin conflict on your website, it occurs because the code of two or more plugins acts against each other.  Then you can see an internal server issue on your website.

    Secondly, if you have reached the maximum of your website's PHP memory limit, you can identify this while 

    login into the administrative dashboard or whenever you are uploading media files.

    Finally, if the ".htaccess file has been corrupted", This file contains secret configurations for your web server,

    if these files are got corrupted then WordPress may Malfunction.

6. Recurrent Plugin and Theme updates

    In this modern technological world, changes are occurring rapidly and we need changes for a better user experience.

    The installation of WordPress is not enough for making a website, we want to make sure that it works properly and for that, we have to install plugins and themes.

    The more plugins we use, the more challenges we have to face. Using more plugins makes the WordPress website heavier and makes loading issues.

    Other than that, Updating your WordPress website frequently may hinder its functionality like plugins might stop working.

    So before updating your WordPress website, take a backup of your data. 

7. Customization needs coding

    To make any changes to your WordPress website you need at least basic knowledge of CSS/PHP/HTML.

     If you have any desire to customize your WordPress website, especially in a special manner, you should have to find out complicated codes for that.

     But if you are a fresher or beginner in coding then that should be a challenge for you. However, assuming that you attempt to start coding without prior knowledge, then it will surely affect your WordPress website badly.

8. Can be Expensive

    Clients frequently make the mistake of assuming that the work is finished once their website is operational.

    Your WordPress website will need constant maintenance. To manage updates, compatibility problems, and security flaws, 

  specialized manpower is needed in addition to the automated process. 

    Effectively, this will lead to increased monthly expenses that you might not have anticipated when you initially created your website budget.

To Conclude

    WordPress is World's most popular CMS written in PHP bound with a MySQL or MariaDB Database with supported HTTPS and it is reviewed as an inexpensive way to start your business online, But before taking a decision you have to think twice.

    WordPress has so many advantages moreover it has so many disadvantages, the fact is that WordPress could not even overcome its demerits.

    So save your money and stay out of trouble!!!