Top 7 WordPress Website Design Blogs You Should Follow in 2022
Top 7 WordPress Website Design Blogs You Should Follow in 2022
WordPress is the most favored open-source content management system (CMS) which was launched in May 2003 and WordPress 5.9, which is the newest version of WordPress is going to get released on 25th Jan 2022.

WordPress is the most favored open-source content management system (CMS)  which was launched in May 2003 and WordPress 5.9, which is the newest version of WordPress is going to get released on 25th Jan 2022. 

Do you know, From where we got this latest news about WordPress? It is from one of the WordPress website design blogs we follow.

If you think you are a WordPress whiz and need to keep abreast of the new trends in WordPress or if you are a business owner looking for WordPress website design ideas to incorporate into your eCommerce website you should follow some amazing WordPress blogs to get information on new techniques, themes, designs, or what’s new on WordPress websites.

Thinking about which WordPress blogs to follow to stay up to date, below, we have listed the top 10 WordPress blogs you can rely on for the newest or upcoming WordPress website design news. 

WP Tavern

This is a reliable resource, launched by Jeff Chandler in 2009, which gets regularly updated with the latest WordPress and industry news. The reasons why WP Tavern is one of the top WordPress blogs:

  • The platform has a drop-down menu named News that takes us to a list including Opinion, Plugin, Themes, and Events, where they publish their blogs around the title.
  • They also have a podcast menu where you can find podcasts on the latest topics on WordPress websites.
  • You can get official WordPress releases, new features, exceptional tutorials, news, issues and solutions, interviews, analytics, and guides here.
  • Their blogs get lots of comments as the blogs are on fresh topics, you can indulge yourself with the information flowing in the discussion happening in the comment section. 

WP Kube

The platform was founded by Devesh Sharma in June 2014, If you are a beginner and have no clue about WordPress, you can jump to the platform to get insightful resources. The kind of sources you will get on WP Kube includes:

  • Their category section includes 500+ beginner’s guides, step-by-step tutorials, blogs on WordPress websites, security, news, themes, plugins, tips and tricks, and pros and cons product reviews. 
  • You will get regularly updated content. 
  • You can find a listing of comparative articles to better decide which is the best.
  • They also provide guides on WordPress hosting, how to start a blog, and making websites.


Since 2010, WP Kube is helping WordPress enthusiasts to learn more about WordPress. Know how efficiently you can use WordPress by diving into their list of blogs.

Let’s know what’s in it for you:

  • They include WordPress websites, themes, and plugins directories to help you choose the right one for you. 
  • You will find value-added tutorials and guides for beginners as well as for experienced ones. 
  • Get the latest news and updates on WordPress.
  • You can leverage their theme gallery too.
  • Get the knowledge of the newest tools like functional widgets and plugins of WordPress.
  • You can check their coupons for your next purchase of plugins or themes.

WPMU Dev Blog

If you are both a fun and WordPress enthusiast, you should check out WPMU Dev Blog. Their use of infographics is quirky and catchy. Let’s know what’s in it for WordPress fans:

  • Get ready to have your eyes on tutorials, news, and review. 
  • Get blogs on WordPress websites development, themes, plugins, security, updates, and marketing tools.
  • It is a good platform for professionals to start their businesses.
  • You can check their roadmap too to know what’s coming next.
  • You can join their 1.6 million subscribers to get regular updates.

WP Beginner

It’s a platform for beginners to know all the who, how, and what about WordPress. 

  • You can exploit their search bar where it’s written as “I need help with”, and get answers to your queries.
  • You will find a beginner’s guide, news, opinion, showcase, themes, tutorials, etc.
  • Get blogs on starting a blog or online store, creating WordPress websites, email marketing, WordPress errors, SEO, security, performance, hosting, and much more, 
  • The tutorials are easy to understand which will help a person will less technical expertise.
  • You can also check their trending section to get new ideas.

Smashing Magazine

It is one of the biggest communities with ample resources for both professionals and beginners who want to hone their web design skills and they have millions of followers worldwide.

The resources include: 

  • You will get WordPress design and development-related articles, guides, ebooks, and tutorials.
  • The topics they talk about include UX, Design, Website design Javascript, CSS, Business, etc.
  • They also conduct workshops on the topics.
  • You can subscribe to their newsletter to get updates once a week.
  • They also have a search bar to help you with your WordPress-related queries.
  • Get knowledge on creating WordPress websites website, using GraphQL with WordPress, running multiple websites from a single installation, and improving website code.

Elegant Themes

It’s been almost 10 years, the platform is providing comprehensive resources like in-depth how-tos tutorials and WordPress-specific posts, like tips for using the media library, plugins, and basics like creating and managing pages. 

Resources you will get: 

  • You can get your hands on WordPress tutorials, freebies, and reviews. 
  • One of the advantages is the marketing news for WordPress websites of any type, including social media marketing and e-commerce. 
  • Get  all the news and updates available for WordPress

Pro tip: You can also check for some impressive WordPress website examples to get ideas from. 


Now, you have the names of all the platforms to get all the new updates related to WordPress Website design. Get started by following them, start taking notes and imply those in your designs. Get ahead in the competition as the pandemic has made every seller come online and you definitely need to gear up as almost everyone is keeping an eye on new trends and news to curate better WordPress websites to lure their target audience. 

We know it’s not easy for a beginner to understand all the terms of WordPress website design, You can check all the blogs mentioned above or you can visit any WordPress Website design service providing agency to bring you ideas of WordPress websites to life.