What Can You Do In Kimberley On A Weekend?
What Can You Do In Kimberley On A Weekend?
If you’re planning on visiting tours to Kimberley soon then make sure to include some of these activities in your itinerary!

Kimberley is the capital of Northern Cape province, and it's also home to some of South Africa’s best tourist attractions. From diamond mines to museums, this city has something for everyone. Here are some of my favorite Kimberley activities that will make your weekend tours to Kimberley a memorable one:

Visit the Big Hole

The Big Hole, aka The Kimberley Underground (formerly called the Kimberley Diamond Mine) is a fascinating site that every visitor to Kimberley should see. It ranks among the world’s greatest underground tourist attractions, with over 500 different exhibits on display and tour guides that take you on an educational journey into this amazing world below our feet.

The Big Hole is located about 15 km outside of town in the direction of Perth. It takes about an hour to make your way there by car or taxi from downtown Kimberley, but it’s well worth it! It's best if you plan your day so that you can visit both The Big Hole and nearby attractions like Bon Bon Station and Gibb River Road before heading back home.

Diamond Mine Museum

A visit to the Diamond Mine Museum is a must if you are in tours to Kimberley. The museum was established in 1971, and has since become one of the most popular attractions in town. Visitors can witness a collection of diamond mining equipment, tools and vehicles used by early miners in their search for diamonds.

Visitors can also see different types of clothing worn by miners during this time period such as overalls and hard hats that were designed specifically for working underground at great depths under very difficult conditions (think unsafe working conditions).

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Kimberley Mine Museum Village

If you're interested in learning about the history of diamond mining in Kimberley, then visiting the Kimberley Mine Museum Village is a great way to do so. The museum village has a number of museums and attractions dedicated to telling visitors about the history of diamonds in the area.

If you want to get some exercise while still learning about diamonds, check out the Diamond Dam Nature Reserve. This outdoor attraction is perfect for those who want an educational experience while also getting some exercise!

Visit the McGregor Museum

The McGregor Museum is one of the top attractions in Kimberley. It’s an impressive, architecturally-designed museum that gives visitors a glimpse into the history and culture of Northern Cape Province. 

The exhibits here include fossils from Africa’s prehistoric era, as well as artifacts from local tribes such as Khoisan People and San People. There are also items that showcase the lives of Europeans who settled in this region during the 19th century.

Hike the Honingklip hiking trail

Honingklip is a popular hiking trail that climbs to the top of a mountain and offers stunning views over Kimberley. It's a 6km (4 mile) walk, so give yourself at least three hours to complete it. The hike is not difficult but there are some steep sections, so wear comfortable shoes and take water with you if you're going in hot weather.

While you're in town, why not check out some other places of interest?


The Kimberley region is a great place to visit, with its abundant natural beauty, rich culture and intriguing history. It has something for everyone, from the adventurous traveller to those who prefer a more relaxed pace of life. If you’re planning on visiting tours to Kimberley soon then make sure to include some of these activities in your itinerary!

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