Things To Do With Friends in Sydney 2022
Things To Do With Friends in Sydney 2022
Looking for a good time out in Sydney with your friends? Checkout these top-rated group activities and have the time of your life!

Got your whole squad assembled but not sure what to do? Do not fret. We’ve got the know on some of the top-rated group activities in Sydney that are actually fun.  Whether you’re a couple of friends that likes to drink together, rave together, go on adventure together, or do something creative together, you’ll find something that fits every soul. We even got something for your pickest friends! So check out the list down below, have an epic time out in Sydney and make unforgettable memories!


Go all out with a yacht hire on Sydney Harbour


Down for something pretty laid-back? A proper dinner with drinks perhaps? How about you stay away from the ordinary and head onto the glistening waters of Sydney Harbour? If you’ve stayed long enough in Sydney, you probably know how breathtaking it looks, especially from the waters, so why not make use of this impressive backdrop for your next get together? Charter a boat and and customise it accordingly - from themes, decor, menus, drinks and entertainment to budget.  Imagine this, you and your mates with a drink in your hand, out on the decks as the likes of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Luna Park, gently pass right by you! And if you wanna kick it up a notch you can go for a luxury boat hire on Sydney Harbour and maybe even do an overnight shindig! It’s one of the ultimate alternatives to regular dining and drinking, so why not go for it?


Fun comes in waves


How about a cold one? No, I’m not talking about a beer, but a dip into the cold water. We live insanely close to the beaches and ocean, yet we hardly make it there on a weekly basis or even once a month for that reason. Let’s be a hunnid here. Nothing is more therapeutic than the ocean. And in our books there’s no better way to attack the ocean with friends than on a surfboard. Even if you are a bunch of rookies, you’ll learn the basics and and grab a good understanding of what it takes to stand on a board in no time! Maybe some of y'all might even get to ride an actual wave! Apart from the endless fun you are guaranteed to have, it is also a reminder that overcoming things you thought was ‘impossible’ takes no less than a couple of hours.


Not your average stargazing 


Are you and your pals into checking out the bazillion stars that come alive during the nighttime? Then you're in for a treat! Sydney has an abundance of starry night skies and you can get a glimpse of it quite easily. The Royal National Park, which is now recognised as the top instagrammable stargazing spot in the whole of Australia is only an hour drive away from the CBD (Central Business District). The low levels of air and light pollution allows better visibility and unobstructed views, letting you enjoy a tranquil stargazing experience in the middle of a natural wonderland! Try going when the moon is in its waning gibbous phase to ensure the least amount of light in the sky as possible!


Like the old times


If you're a bunch of adults looking to release your inner kids at full throttle, then Sydney’s Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq is the best place for you. This retro-themed modern arcade centre plus bar, is one of the go-to joints in the city for people of all ages looking to have a good time. They got the fun covered for everyone and every celebration-birthday parties, corporate functions, special events and so on! It’s the ideal place to get your drinks going and play retro arcade games including Pacman, dodgem cars,  laser tags, VR games and much more!