Things to do before travelling to Qatar
Things to do before travelling to Qatar
The 22nd FIFA World Cup will take place in 2022. From November 20, 2022, to December 18, it will be held in Qatar. Following the games in South Korea and Japan in 2002, this World Cup will be the first to be staged in the Arab world and the second to be contested entirely in Asia.

Things to do before travelling to Qatar

The 22nd FIFA World Cup will take place in 2022. From November 20, 2022, to December 18, it will be held in Qatar. Following the games in South Korea and Japan in 2002, this World Cup will be the first to be staged in the Arab world and the second to be contested entirely in Asia.

Each traveller can make the most out of Qatar while on their trip for the FIFA World Cup. Doha, the country’s capital, combines sparkling malls and historic souks with ease. Beyond Doha, Qatar rewards travellers with its fair share of natural beauty, including enormous sand dunes and immaculate sandy beaches.

Below you will see what to pack for while you’re on the journey to Qatar for the World Cup, and we will explore the top 16 things to know before you leave for Qatar.

Qatar packing list

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It’s crucial to be aware of what to pack. A little country study can be beneficial. Not to worry. Below, you’ll find all the details you require to decide if you must abide by any restrictions.

Qatar travel is undoubtedly a thrilling trip! Before you leave to travel to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, consider the following packing advice:

Reminders and Tips

  • International Driving Licence The International Driving Permit Qatar (IDP) is a legal requirement for tourists if they want to hire and drive a car in Qatar because Qatar is a party to the United Nations Convention. Any tourist who wishes to drive must first receive their IDP from the official E-ITCA organisation.
  • Dressed Properly Because Qatar is a Muslim nation, there is a rigorous dress code and repercussions for breaking it. Fortunately, the clothing code for foreigners, visitors, and expats differs. However, you should pack modest, cover-up-free attire if you’re going to Qatar.
  • Only Bring Legitimate Items Packing things like alcohol, holy texts, pork, or meals containing pig is banned. This is done not merely to stay out of trouble but also to honour Qatari culture and values.
  • Advice For Females Don’t bring short skirts, ladies. These outfits appear to be too exposed for Qatari society. Generally speaking, you should be okay if the skirt totally covers your legs. For pants, the same rule applies. However, they must entirely cover their skin if they want to wear matching clothing.
  • Advice For Men Men, please wear knee-length or longer pants. Only when indoors, such as in the hotel you checked into, are shorts permitted. Bring jeans and pants as well, especially if you intend to visit holy locations.
  • Extra Possessions Because of the hot summers in Qatar, sunscreen should be brought.With the hot summers in Qatar, sunglasses should be a requirement. These sunglasses are crucial for shielding you from sporadic sandstorms in addition to blocking out dangerous sunlight. For drinking water while traveling, you also need a water bottle, ideally one made of metal. You should be equipped with everything you need to travel to Qatar.

You are prepared to travel to Qatar after all of these items are in place. If at all possible, don’t carry too many and pack them carefully. Prepare to take in Qatar’s wonders and beauty by packing lightly.

Preparing for the Qatar FIFA World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar from November 21 until December 18, 2022. Here are the top 20 things to know before you leave.

The following 20 things are important to be aware of before visiting Qatar.

20 Things to Know Before traveling to Qatar

  1. The world’s richest nation is Qatar. Qatar is located on a peninsula extending into the Arabian Gulf between Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.It shares Saudi Arabia’s border. The richest nation in the world at the moment is Qatar, which gained its independence as an emirate in 1971. Qatar has abundant oil and gas reserves.
  1. Qatar is served by many airlines. Qatar Airways is the national carrier that connects Doha with more than 160 other worldwide cities. There are also several foreign airlines that fly here. These include Turkish AirlinesAir IndiaAsiana Airlines, British Airways, Cathay PacificEthiopian AirlinesJapan Airlines, and Philippine Airlines.
  2. Qatar is pricey but also reasonably priced. As you might expect, the most expensive places to eat in Doha are the five-star hotels and restaurants. You could easily spend several hundred dollars a night and dine like a king in one of the opulent hotels.Thank goodness, there are also affordable solutions in Qatar. You may get a stay in a serviced apartment or small hotel outside of the city centre for $60 per night in December, which is the start of the high season. You may also eat out for just $5 a day on average if you select affordable eateries and food courts.
  3. Qatar’s tolerance is admirably broad. Qatar is a Muslim nation with a lot of customs, yet it’s also energising and accepting. Foreign workers in Qatar are welcome to offer free prayers at churches and temples. Female visitors should dress modestly and cover their shoulders and knees, although they are not expected to wear a head scarf or an abaya. In hotel pools, bikinis and beachwear are allowed, but not in public spaces.
  4. In some places, alcohol is legal. In Qatar, licenced restaurants and hotel bars may offer alcohol. Alcohol is not permitted to be brought into the nation by tourists, and it is not permitted to consume alcohol in public.
  5. Qatar is easily accessible. There are several Karwa taxis that are fairly priced. Call the service to place an order or use the Karwa app. Additionally, ridesharing applications like Careem and Uber let you rent a private automobile. We advise scheduling an overnight excursion if you intend to visit Khor Al Adid (the Inland Sea) to take a look at the magnificent sunset and dawn. A red, green, and gold three-line metro system is also available in Doha. The Red Line runs from the city centre to Hamad International Airport.
  6. Doha Doha is the city’s business and cultural hub. The Corniche promenade, a popular tourist destination, includes a 7-kilometer shoreline with breathtaking views, roomy meadows, and a harbour offering dhow excursions. Another one of these unusual attractions is The Pearl, a man-made island on the Arabian Gulf coast. With canals meandering through squares and buildings in pastel colours, The Pearl’s Quartier Canato is designed to resemble Venice.
  7. Qatar’s art scene is thriving. A must-see is the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. This exquisitely constructed museum is home to a sizable collection of artwork, glass, pottery, textiles, and old manuscripts. Another one of the gems is the Arabian Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses more than 6,000 works of art in Doha’s Educational City. A shuttle service connects the two museums.
  8. Qatar has stunning natural surroundings. Qatar boasts stunning natural features, like the immense mangroves of Al Takira in the north, the salt flats (Sabkha) along the coast, and the enormous sand dunes in the south. A particular attraction is the Khor al-Adaid (Inland Sea), where the sea and adjacent sizable tidal bays wash into the desert.
  9. Visitors from 87 nations are not required to have a visa Depending on their nationality, visitors from 87 countries can stay in Qatar without a visa for up to 30 or 90 days. When a valid passport with a minimum remaining validity of six months is presented, along with a confirmed outbound or return ticket, a visa waiver will be granted.
  10. You can confidently drink tap water Although tap water is palatable in Doha and other metropolitan areas, it is also frequently accessible along with coffee, karak chai (strong tea), and fresh juices. When driving across the desert, bottled water is a fantastic alternative.
  11. Food comes in a wide variety The Indian subcontinent, Iran, the Levant, and North Africa are among the sources of culinary inspiration in Qatar. Yogurt is often served with mutton or shellfish stew. The majority of hotels also frequently provide international cuisine.
  12. Maximum travel time There are two seasons in Qatar. From May to October, it is hot, and from December to February, it is cold. The transitional months are March, April, and November. The milder months of December through February are the ideal times to travel to Qatar because of the warm weather and typical high temperatures between 22 °C (72 °F) and 25 °C (77 °F).
  13. During the hot season, heatstroke poses a health risk. Heatstroke can result from high mercury levels during hot weather. You may enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s better to keep your head covered, drink plenty of water, and stay away from physically demanding activities around midday.
  14. The local currency is the riyal of Qatar. The average exchange rate between the US dollar and the Qatari riyal is 3.76 to 1. Local cash withdrawals are simple because of the abundance of ATMs.
  15. Dealing with economic and diplomatic sanctions imposed by nearby nations In June 2017, Qatar’s neighbours, notably Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, cut off economic and diplomatic connections with Qatar on the grounds that it supported terrorism, including Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The embargo had a significant impact because more than half of Qatar’s imports went via these nations, prompting Qatar to acquire food supplies from Iran and other nations and boost domestic production. For instance, Qatar Al Khor, a town in the north, currently boasts a sizable dairy farm to guarantee a constant supply of milk.
  16. Reach the shore Qatar is a great place to explore the wonderful seashores that spread around the peninsula since it is normally shoreline and noteworthy warm most of the year. Try Al Maroona and Fuwairit Beach for breathtaking vistas, and Katara Beach for fun water sports that the whole family will enjoy.
  17. Which applications are the best? It’s a good idea to download helpful applications such as: – Uber and Karwa are the top ride-sharing services in Qatar. – Babbel and Duolingo are excellent language applications for practising fundamental Arabic words for travel – While The Entertainer app gives fantastic bargains on Qatar’s regional attractions, spas, and restaurants. – Talabat is the major meal delivery app in the country.
  18. Get a taste of Qatari culture. The Souq Waqif, the city’s principal market, is the ideal location for people-watching and shopping for handicrafts and stunningly colourful fabrics. Don’t overpack your bag!
  19. Discover the mangroves of Al Thakira. This lovely area of mangroves and other animals in Al Khor is two hours’ drive from Doha. When you get there, you may hire a kayak and go kayaking!

Final words Despite being a newcomer to the world tourism scene, a visit to Qatar will not disappoint. There is a lot to see, do, eat, and discover. Arrive with an open mind and let this magnificent region’s distinctive sights and sounds greet you, and don’t forget to get your international driving licence Qatar from E-ITCA official website to travel around Qatar.