Things Not to Miss in Sydney 2022
Things Not to Miss in Sydney 2022
Think you’ve seen it all? Check out this incredible list of some of the most exciting experiences offered in the Emerald City.

Having been to Sydney more than a dozen times, I can now say that it is easily one of the best cities in the world I’ve been to. Through the eyes of a passionate traveller I have explored its greatest attractions and had the opportunity to experience some of the finest natural landscapes of the country. If you’re planning to visit this remarkable city anytime soon, here are some of the top experiences you must do before heading back home.


Yacht hire Sydney Harbour 


Sydney’s skyline is one of the most gorgeous things ever to bless Earth and it is really a sight that never gets tiring, no matter how many times you watch it. And it only gets better when viewed from the waters. One of the most underrated experiences I have had in the Emerald City was renting out a superyacht with my friends and indulging in a first-class waterfront-dining. The food was exceptional, the drinks were awesome and the views were nothing short of spectacular. I still remember how we stood on the outer decks of a sleek superyacht, raising a toast and enjoying the views as we gently glided under the mighty Harbour Bridge, before coming face to face with the iconic Opera House. A luxury boat hire on Sydney Harbour is the first thing you oughta do on your first visit, as there’s no better way to truly appreciate what the city is all about.


Whale watching 


Let’s be real, who doesn’t love animals. Especially in Australia where the wildlife is as diverse as it gets, there’s plenty of animal encounters and private experiences that will leave you wanting for more. One such fascinating and intimate experience is the humpback whale-watching. I don’t know if luck was on our side or not but during our trip we encountered over seven whales. There was plenty of room on the decks to move about freely and we couldn’t have asked for more from the crew. They’ll take you as close as possible to these gentle giants and the commentary makes it even more intriguing. Don’t think twice for this one - there are daily departures from Darling Harbour and you’ll be back to the city in under three hours.


Blue Mountain excursion


Blue Mountains might be a familiar name if you've been to Sydney a couple of times now, it’s one of the city’s most treasured natural gems.  It’s a massive mountain with tons of extraordinary things to enjoy and Sydney offers numerous adventures which will let you explore this natural wonder. We hopped on a 10-hour guided tour from Darling Harbour where we set out first to the Featherdale National Park and met some native friends including wombats, kangaroos and even crocodiles. The Blue Mountains were simply off the hook, especially the Three Sisters; we couldn’t get enough of the view from Echo Point! You can also explore the mountains by yourself if that’s how you like it, this way you get to experience the mountain at your own pace and uncover some of its secrets!


A pearl farming tour


I never knew anything about pearl farming until I went on this eye-opening tour. Led by expert pearl guides, we cruised the Hawkesbury River and explored its impressive marine and bird life, before heading to a pearl oyster lease to unravel everything about pearl farming. The team invited us for a hands-on pearl grading session where they explained everything from top to bottom; how they waited the first 2 years patiently for results, how the pearls are graded by the seven virtues and even the amount of profit they make with skill and will alone. It was quite the eye-opener, and before we departed they even let us take a souvenir - a pearl of our choice.