Sydney’s Christmas Traditions that will Astound Tourists
Sydney’s Christmas Traditions that will Astound Tourists
Sydney is not only unique for its Christmas summer, but for its Christmas traditions as well. Read ahead to find how…

For tourists who visit Sydney during the Christmas season, you'll probably hear them say, “We just don’t get that Christmas feel.” Well, they can’t be entirely blamed for that statement. Christmas in Sydney is unique from other places. But that’s the fun part of it! It’s summer and Sydneysiders do what they can to make the most of the weather. Instead of spending the festive season indoors, people celebrate Christmas outdoors. So, first time visitors get set to experience these astounding Christmas traditions in Sydney.


Celebrate an early Christmas in Sydney


Christmas in Sydney comes earlier than the rest of the world. Decorations and celebrations in Sydney for the festive season begin as of late November. Darling Harbour showcases Christmas events like the Darling Christmas Festival with attractions like the floating baubles. Stroll around the harbour and be dazzled with the views of these 13 gigantic baubles that light up Cockle Bay Wharf.  Not just that, you will find a 6-metre tall bauble lighting up the harbour, a festive fixture with multi-coloured lights–a beautiful backdrop for your selfies. Also look out for the Sydney Christmas Fair, the carnival entertainment being its highlight. What’s the icing on the cake? Santa's visit and the fireworks every Friday and Saturday night of December. 


Christmas Lunch aboard Sydney Christmas Cruises


The main Christmas meal usually happens in the early afternoon. To make things even better, you can book one of the  Christmas cruises on Sydney Harbour to spend a unique day out with family. Cruising through the high waters, with magnificent views and an ideal dine and wine experience, creates the most beautiful ambience when you host a Christmas party for your friends and loved ones. 


Enjoy Sydney’s Christmas Meal - Cold Roast and Seafood


What comes first to mind when it comes to Christmas lunch or dinner–roast turkey or ham? In Sydney, people prefer cold roast and seafood especially prawns. Just days before Christmas, you will find seafood stores and places that remain open for a longer duration. The most popular seafood destination being the famous Sydney Fish Market. It opens for a straight 36 hours from 23rd December to Christmas Eve. 


Celebrate Boxing Day on 26 December


Right after Christmas, Boxing Day is celebrated in Sydney, just like Black Friday in the U.S. Celebrated as a public holiday, this is the time when retailers offer big discounts. There are live telecasts of the Boxing Day Test Match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and also the popular Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race that draws crowds to Sydney Harbour.  The race continues for a duration of 5-6 days. Sydney Harbour Cruises are great vantage points to see the flagging off of the race.


Enjoy Extended Office Holidays 


What’s more? Christmas season in Sydney lets you enjoy extended holidays unlike other parts of the world. Most companies shut down for almost about a month. Not only that, hotels and inns take the opportunity to increase their rates–due to the peak season that attracts foreign visitors. This is the time when people make most of the holidays to spend quality time with family and loved ones–whether indoors or outdoors. 


Take Delight in the Beaches 


Sydney is known for its popular beaches — be it Bondi or Manly. Visit Bondi Beach to enjoy surfing, embrace the warm sun. Go ahead for a ferry trip from Circular Quay across Sydney Harbour to Manly. Better still, are Manly’s harbourside beaches. You can have a beach side barbeque or just bring your own food. These beaches are perfect venues for picnics and to celebrate the festive season. 


Santa Claus in Sydney


As opposed to other places, Santa arrives on a surfboard instead of a reindeer – owing to the warm weather in Sydney. The only part that doesn’t change is that Santa gifts family and children with numerous gifts. Moreover, gifts are exchanged on the beach as well. Alert! Don’t be bewildered if you find Santa Claus wearing board shorts and flip flops.


Mates, if you are tired of the cliche Christmas in your town, travel to Sydney and experience the exceptional…