Kolkata Tour - Explore The City of Joy
Kolkata Tour - Explore The City of Joy
If visiting Kolkata as the city of Joy, it would be a good tourist destination for getting joy with family or friends. Kolkata offers various glorious and charming points to enjoy the moments.

Kolkata is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Every Indian wants to explore what the cultural capital of India looks like. The tourist wants to visit the iconic buildings and creations of the British era. Once it was the capital of India and has played an important role in pre-independence time. This city attracts a great number of international tourist mostly because of the city to showcase the glorious rule of the Britishers. Tourist can book taxi service in Kolkata and have an amazing experience of 'The City of Joy'. From one corner to another, you will get many glorious charm of the various beautiful destinations. Anyways, there are many other factors for visiting Kolkata for anyone from or outside India.

Traveling in Kolkata

If you want to come to joyful city, there are mainly two places for you entrance Howrah railway station and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. Taxi service in Kolkata at both these points are available for your traveling. If you are planning local tour then cabs in Kolkata are the best option. Although Trams are the very unique attraction and tourist should use it once. Hand Pulled rickshaw is another thing which you won't find anywhere else India and can be used once. Visiting Kolkata is a great experience but traveling is as much fun with Trams, Hand-pulled rickshaw and amazing people around you.

Food in Kolkata

While visiting Kolkata, you will find that it is a city which offers you unique cuisine to taste and enjoy. Obviously fish at the center of attraction if you are a foodie. The tourist visiting Kolkata loves to taste Bengali flavor and recipes. Different types of sweets will make the charm for foodie persons. And you can visit the various famous restaurant with car rental in Kolkata and bite different flavors. If you are a foodie, you will relish the scent coming out of every corner of the city. Street food is one other thing which people crave to get there hand in. There are various places around the city famous for rolls, momos, fries etc. Tourist loves to try different style and method of cooking which they find in Kolkata.

Markets in Kolkata

The tourist visiting Kolkata loves shopping and to take back some memories. Shopping one of the best things to do at the end of yours. You can visit famous local markets and roam around and relax. taxi service in Kolkata will help you in exploring different markets such as New Market, College Street, Bara Bazaar and many more. New Market is the most famous and oldest market in Kolkata. This place draws in the crowd from all parts of the city. At the same time its fun spending time in here and shopping. This market you will be offered branded thing and local product at the same place to choose. Bargaining with the shopkeeper is something which international tourist can enjoy in here. Kolkata is the 'City of Joy' and is a must-visit for tourists loving to explore new places.