How can I manage my Spirit Airlines flight?
How can I manage my Spirit Airlines flight?
If you have booked your flight with Spirit airlines and, for some reason, you have to make some amendments to your booking and don't know how do I manage my flight with Spirit Airlines? Find all the related information in our blog to resolve your query thoroughly.

How do I check my reservation on Spirit Airlines? 

If you want to check your reservation on Spirit Airlines to make any modifications to the booked ticket, follow the steps below:

  • Reach the official website of Spirit Airlines
  • Click on ‘my trips’ 
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code
  • The reservation details will show up on the screen
  • Make the desired modifications.

The method mentioned above would be the easiest way to check your reservation details on Spirit Airline.

Can I change my flight time with Spirit?

You can reschedule your flight until one hour before the scheduled departure. You will have to follow the described way by Spirit Airlines to change the flight along with a flight change fee, depending on the fare and destination.

For more information on How do I manage my flight with Spirit Airlines? Please call customer service at Spirit Airlines.

How can I change my flight date for free?

To change the date of a scheduled flight for free, read the following ways:

  • If you change the date before the expiry of 24 hours after confirming your reservations.
  • If your scheduled flight is delayed or canceled by Spirit Airlines, you can reschedule the flight for free;
  • If you have gone through any mishap or are facing a difficult situation, you can reschedule your flight without charges by giving valid proof.
  • In some cases, if you are a member of the elite class or have a first-class ticket on Spirit Airlines, you can change flights with no extra charges.

All the changes of flights will be according to the terms and conditions of Spirit Airlines.