How AI-Powered BPO Services Drives Travel Reformation
How AI-Powered BPO Services Drives Travel Reformation
Consistency in communication is the key to win customers’ trust. How do you do that? Simple. By hiring travel BPO services.

The ability of artificial intelligence to carry out jobs that previously required cognitive efforts from humans has made it useful in the travel and hospitality sector. While outsourcing is a popular trend in this sector, AI-backed travel BPO services are still new, and many businesses have yet to discover their advantages. While the market is still untapped, why don’t you move a step ahead of your competitors by choosing a travel BPO provider with RPA, machine learning and AI expertise! AI can save money, time and eliminate human error by facilitating tasks to be completed quickly, at any given time.

Most hotels, car rentals and travel booking companies put customer experience on top. To deliver an excellent customer experience, they must provide exceptional customer service. Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged to boost personalization, guarantee fast response times and tailor recommendations. As a result, you can perform even with a staffing shortage. It is also true when you outsource. When you outsource your non-core travel services, you get rid of all the hassles of hiring, training, and infrastructure-related expenses. Your travel BPO partner handles everything from - inquiry handling, 24/7 answering, complaints, return and refund requests, telesales and marketing, follow-ups, fare optimization, queue management to travel insurance processing and others.    

Travel BPO Services for travel industry

Travel sector has revived to the point where customers expect regular assistance and communication in the most convenient way. Different customers have different preferences. Hence, the company should be able to customize as per customer’s needs. Each interaction can take place at different channels such as chat, email or call. Consistency in communication is the key to win customers’ trust. How do you do that? Simple. By hiring travel BPO services. A travel BPO usually assists with tasks that perk up customer experience and brand value. Today, travel call centers are becoming more and more AI savvy. Apart from traditional support like answering service and complaint management, a call center wears many other hats today – from data analysis to problem-solving and consumer survey. All of these services are crucial for hotel owners or travel service operators because they give them insight into what customers are looking for, what competitors are into, and how to shape products and services to cater to the demands in the best way possible.    

Today, a call center performs roles that overlap with core functions. For example, it helps a travel brand with decision-making and overall business growth. There has been more widespread adoption of customer behavior, customer-centric services and customized solutions.  

Technology Deployment in Travel Call Center

The role of AI in call center has increased drastically. From process automation to chatbots, a call center relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline its operations and serve its clients better. For the travel industry, a call center with automation is a must due to the nature of the customer service. Unlike Utility or Automotive, the customer enquiries in travel are not restricted to certain subjects or parameters. A customer can call you for a destination-related inquiry or to register a complaint about bad service. You could receive a chat about a rebooking request or car rental details of a particular location. The initial call routing and delegation are essential for an organized function. Automated solutions help customers choose the specific department or connect to the right agent with the right solution. It improves the resolution time and customer satisfaction.

Complicated travel customer service post-COVID-19

When a crisis hits - whether it’s a weather event or pandemic, the travel customer service becomes more complicated. From airlines to hotels, businesses find it hard to perform the breakdance taping to the beats of empathy and corporate policy. To achieve the perfect balance, you need a combination of skill and technology. The stressed and panicked travelers need more attention from agents. In other words, travel regulations are constantly changing. So, you hire travel BPO services to adapt to the changing travel regulations, trends and customer choices. If the services are innovative and AI-based, the return on investment will be greater.