Freelance Visa Dubai: A Simple Definition
Freelance Visa Dubai: A Simple Definition
Freelance license in Dubai and UAE is a permission provided to a freelancing person, that permits to operate lawfully anywhere in the nation.

Terms Everyone in the Freelance Visa Dubai Industry Should Know

From 2019 freelancing have been allowed in the UAE. Tutors, athletic trainers, musicians, artists, designers, media professionals may now acquire a permission and deliver services lawfully anywhere in the UAE. They may receive a Dubai freelancing visa and reside permanently in the UAE.
Freelancer visa may be given by several authorities. The decision is huge. Check how to select the ideal Dubai freelancing visa for your own business.
What is a freelancing visa in UAE
Freelance visa is a UAE residence visa, which enables residing in this country. It’s sort of a self visa in UAE - meaning that there is no corporation or sponsor behind you.
The visa is given based on a freelance permission - a work permit for a freelancer. Such a work permit in the UAE may be provided by a few licensing agencies - mostly free zones. Almost every Emirate has a free zone which can issue a freelance visa dubai.
Your freelancervisa will seem like a typical UAE residence visa - a pink stamp in the passport, valid for 2 or 3 years.
Freelance license UAE
Freelance license in Dubai and UAE is a permission provided to a freelancing person, that permits to operate lawfully anywhere in the nation. If you are a freelancer, you may not require a resident visa (if your visa is under your spouse or a business setup in dubai), but you need a freelancing permission.
In other words, a freelancing visa is voluntary, but a freelance permission is obligatory for anybody who wishes to practice openly and collect a fee for it.
Who may be a freelancer in Dubai and UAE
The simple answer is - anybody! If you want to be independent and start working for yourself, you have a fantastic opportunity to try!
Thanks to a broad list of recognized occupations, practically every individual may find a good choice for freelance employment in the UAE.
Educational qualifications or degrees are not necessary in most circumstances. Previous freelancing experience is not needed.
Benefits of becoming a freelancer in UAE
Without question, freelancing offers tons of advantages:
  • Self time management
  • Ability to regulate own workload
  • Doing what you enjoy
  • Having longer vacations
  • Being your own boss
  • Ability to travel and live in any location
  • Getting UAE residency visa
  • Sponsoring a family
Being one of the safest nations in the world, UAE is a perfect area to kick off your freelancing experience. According to studies, over 60 percent of UAE citizens would want to become freelancers if they have an opportunity.
What can a freelancer in Dubai lawfully do
Regardless of your job, while becoming a freelancer and acquiring an official freelancing permit, you are authorized to:
  • Provide services to private persons
  • Provide services to companies
  • Raise Invoices and get payments
  • Work with government agencies
  • Requirements to become a freelancer
As indicated above, there are no stringent prerequisites in terms of professional background for the bulk of freelancers. You merely need to gather specific papers and apply.
Generally, the requisite papers would be:
  • Passport copy
  • Visa and Emirates ID copy (if you are a UAE resident) (if you are a UAE resident)
  • No objection letter from existing sponsor (if you are a UAE resident) (if you are a UAE resident)
  • Recent picture
  • CV
  • Portfolio of works (if relevant) (if applicable)
A freelancing visa is a resident visa that permits you to live in the nation. You will also need a work permission or freelance license to start lawfully freelancing in the UAE, coupled with a freelance visa.
Where to acquire UAE freelancing permission and visa
UAE has hundreds of company registration authorities. You have many options: freelancing visa in Dubai or another Emirate.
Regardless of the area where your permission and visa is granted, you have the same rights to work all around the UAE. The difference between different licensing bodies is in the business activities which they give for freelancers, and the prices.
Freelancer visa in Dubai may be done by receiving a freelancing permission with the following authorities:
DWC / Dubai South Free Zone (currently on hold) (currently on hold)
If you are seeking for a cheap freelancing visa in Dubai, Dubai South would be the finest choice.
Be warned that certain firms licensed for manpower supply offer work licenses and visas under their sponsorship labelling it freelancing permits. In fact they only supply visas and labour cards in their firm without an official government authorization for you to undertake freelancing services.
The Emirate of Abu Dhabi additionally provides 2 possibilities for freelancers.
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development freelancing permission
It provides 48 activities for freelancing in Abu Dhabi. The license and visa may be provided to any foreigner. Abu Dhabi freelancing license fee may be determined here.
If you hold an employment visa in Abu Dhabi, you will need to present a No Objection Letter from your employer of record united arab emirates to receive the freelancing permission.
If you wish to receive your freelancing permission under this free zone, understand that it is required to associate with one of the firms operating there. That firm will need to produce a letter of intent to you, saying that it is going to partner with you for specified projects. This letter is needed by twofour54 for the approval of your freelancing permit there.
Shortly, freelancing in Abu Dhabi via Connect Resources is available only inside this free zone and its associated firms.
Nearly every northern emirate has alternatives of acquiring a freelancervisa. Some free zones give freelance licenses, others issue conventional licenses dubbing them “freelance permits” owing to cheap cost and particular requirements.
Freelance visa Umm Al Quwain
UAQ free trade zone is one of the simplest and cheapest alternatives for freelancing in UAE. It delivers the greatest value for money for single entrepreneurs. Setup charges, freelancing visa fees and yearly renewal are the most economical.
Business activities are extensive - there are choices for all career. External permissions or educational degrees are not necessary to set up this freelancing license in UAE.
Freelance visa Ajman
Ajman free zone offers one of the lowest freelancing visas in UAE. Apart from the cost, this option has one additional advantage - one license may sponsor 2 resident visas.
If you require a UAE freelancing visa, split the fees of the license with a buddy, and get yourself protected for 3 years!
Business activities are reasonable, it is easy feasible to locate a suitable match that meets your expertise.
Freelance visa Sharjah
Another lowest freelancing visa in the UAE may be secured via SHAMS free zone.
The free zone provides a package for media professionals, where a single shareholder is entitled for 1 resident visa. Number of stockholders or visas cannot be modified.
In actuality, this solution is a regular company license, but it’s presented as a freelancing license owing to a single shareholder criterion and low pricing.
A comparable alternative is supplied by the Hamriyah free zone also. It is an inexpensive business license with one shareholder and provision to apply for 1 UAE resident visa.
Freelance visa Ras Al Khaimah
RAKEZ freelancing visa is another route to secure your work permission in the UAE. Majority of activities may be offered exclusively based on your proven educational certificate.
If you live or work in Ras Al Khaimah, this option might be ideal for you.
Freelance visa Fujairah
Creative City is a free zone in Fujairah which gives packages for affordable freelancing visas valid in the UAE. It does not provide freelancer visa alternatives as such, but certain low-cost packages may supplement it.
Don’t mistake their so-called bundle “Freelancer company” with a freelancing license. That package is a standard commercial firm solution, but its name may simply be adopted for a freelancing permit in Dubai or UAE.

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