Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek, Dhaulagiri Round Trekking for 2022!
Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek, Dhaulagiri Round Trekking for 2022!
Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is a real adventure trip in the seventh highest mountain in the world at 8,167m through the world’s high passes.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek, Dhaulagiri Round Trekking for 2022-NMH Trek

The wonderful region with enchanting views that swirl up the mind and spirit of one entering………..

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is one of the adventure treks in west-central Nepal. One of the foremost stunning mountains among several others, Dhaulagiri is understood to be the “White Mountain” consistent with the native which means and stands as the eight highest mountain of the globe. Because the name, the bewitching great thing about this mountain is enough to capture the guts and spirit of each guests passing by. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is beyond any doubt the exploration of untamed as this space is recently reopened. The region occupies the mystery that was hold an extended however now could be all spread out to explore which has the Gandaki Gorge that is illustrious because the deepest gorge within the world. Dhaulagiri Round Trek is extremely popular trek the people go almost every year.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek his trekking space consists of large mountain ranges of Dhaulagiri associate degreed fifteen mountains peak within the team’s square measure standing with an altitude of 7000m. We want to possess stamina further as match body because the ways square measure swashbuckling enough whereas moving forward and it's needless to say that one will designed a capability to alter surprising scenario because the expertise itself focus you to learn this tactfulness that you may unbroken as an exquisite treasure within you later. Dhaulagiri Trek route offers you the difficult mountain passes like crossover French pass (5360 meter) and Thapa Pass (5244 meter) wherever you have got to steer on the icy track. Because the great thing about Dhaulagiri is inexpressible, one ought to come back and explore the unbelievable mountains once in an exceedingly life time to urge connected to the character.

As Dhaulagiri is adventure trekking in the remote area, it is best to do organize camping trip as proper way. But now days there are basic tea house services available most of the trail, only for 4 to 5 nights between Choriban Camp to Alubari/Yak Kharka you need to set tent due to no houses or teahouses. If you wish to do tea house trek, do not expect much more comfort like others tea house trekking regions (Annapurna and Everest), even though we do our best to make your enjoyable trip by available amenities. Where is availability we provide you accommodation and food at tea house. And rest of the places we set our tent for the overnight. Normally, Dhaulagiri Circuit trek require minimum 15 days but for the proper trip, we recommend 20 days. There are direct bus services to Kathmandu to Beni and again possible to drive Beni to Durbang then start to walk, this helps to reduce few days of trip.

 For the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek, starting of March as well as starting of Sept to end of December is the good time to explore this majestic mountains and dramatic lands out here. Contact us to Nepal Mother House for the excellent services and facilities in the area of trekking and tours as well as adventure activities. We even provide the services to Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trekking We will customize the itineraries consistent with the time and interest of your holidays.