An Evening in Sydney With Colleagues
An Evening in Sydney With Colleagues
Memories from a Christmas Evening spent wandering around with colleagues


Well, the year has almost come to an end. With so much that has happened it's time for the annual end of the year party, which I will be missing this year because of travel. Which is kinda sad because I was looking forward to attending  this year's celebration. Last year I had loads of fun. It was one of those events that happened post work on board Christmas Party Cruises on Sydney Harbour.


The event took place on a glass boat. We got on board the cruise at dusk. The theme for the party was retro, and everyone was dressed accordingly. It was fun to see people who are always in suits dressed up in the style of the 80’s and 90’s.And needless to say, that party was a sure hit.Let me take you on a trip back in time to that harbour cruises Christmas Party


We first got on board the glass boat from the wharf. We had booked the cocktail lounge and one could tell that the ambience of the cruise kinda elevated the mood for the whole evening. With glass windows that spanned from floor to ceiling, we could see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge all lit up. The Sydney Harbour was illuminated  by the lights. The clamour of the city came alive during the evenings and lasted throughout the night. Seeing  my workmates dressed up all vintage against the backdrop of the Sydney cityscape and harbour was like watching a scene straight outta some Baz Luhrmann movie.


The cruise came to an end eventually after an evening of dinner and drinks. And then the ones with the families left for home. The only ones left behind were the kind who turn nocturnal during the weekends. And our next stop for the night was a waterfront lounge bar with bowling alleys. Neon lights lit up the whole place and it had a karaoke room.


We spent the night jamming to Joy Division and The Smiths and in the bowling alleys. We had a little friendly bowling match. After the bowling and karaoke sessions, everyone ordered a few drinks and we spent the night drinking away. And then we walked through the city. With the summer setting in, everyone has taken to wandering outdoors. The trees and the houses were covered with the Christmas decorations and you could see the Sydney city breaking into a kaleidoscopic pattern of colours. 


You could see the people still rushing to buy shrimps and other stuff. The night market has breathed new life into the crowds. From food trucks to live music, think of anything in between and you’ll find it there!I could hear the Christmas music playing in the different stalls as I walked past them. It was impossible not to feel jolly when you are amidst the glistening Christmas lights spread all over the city.


That evening was a really wild experience, especially considering the fact that I was new to my workplace. Of course, the next day was followed with a tad of guilt, but I think the whole experience brought us close together as a team. We had a good laugh over everyone’s drunk expressions. Which is why I was looking forward to this year's end-of-the-year party as well. Because it's a fun way to get to know the other side of people you work with — a side you rarely get to see.


Unfortunately I’ll have to miss out on this year’s party because of the annual meet that’s happening in London. Guess I’ll look forward to attending next year’s!