A Dream Yacht Wedding On Sydney Harbour
A Dream Yacht Wedding On Sydney Harbour
Here’s how a luxe yacht hire in Sydney made my daughter’s wedding an unforgettable one!

The last couple of years has taught us to be more creative when it comes to weddings. I was looming in the ‘never-end’ while pulling all the stops to find a unique wedding for my daughter, scouring through the internet to find something that will be embedded into the heart of everyone in attendance. And that’s when I hit the jackpot – a wedding on the waters!


Easiest task ever


While cruise weddings ain’t new, there was something magical and dreamy about having a small gathering and an intimate ceremony, on an elegant sailing craft. So without a second thought I made up my mind on a yacht hire on Sydney Harbour. 


At first glance, tying the knot on a boat seemed ‘too fancy’ or ‘too much’ and even ‘too exxy’, but boy, was I wrong! Sure, it might not be cheap, but you can’t put a price on ‘once-in-a-lifetime experiences’ now, can you? In fact, after the wedding, what blew my mind the most was how cheap it was when compared to other destination weddings in the city, and how it played a major role in taking the ‘pre-wedding’ stress out of the question!


Personalised luxury 


So everything started falling into place, and the next big step was deciding on the boat. But this went rather effortlessly – the website was optimised to the core that with just a few clicks you could find the ideal vessel, which for us was a cutting-edge glass boat! 


When I first talked to my charter consultant and gave him a vivid picture of how the wedding should come to be, and how I wanted the ‘so much in so less’ package, he was more than happy to give me ideas on how I could make the wedding spectacular. You could say he’s a master at his work!


Just the way I dreamed


And I’d realised I could customise everything about the big day including the theme, decor, food, ceremonies, entertainment, seating, cakes, surprises, you name it! All I had to do was run my not-so-over-the-top ideas by the boys at my disposal and VOILA! The whole ball of wax, down to the last bit, was taken care of without me having to worry or move a muscle! 


The much-anticipated day arrived surprisingly fast, and it was everything I imagined it would be. The food was fantastic, the guests were in awe of the stunning setting, the union was touching, and I have never seen my daughter happier. It was way beyond what I asked, and at that very moment, I was the happiest mother alive. 


Spreading the word


The very reason I made this blog was to bring into light such an underrated experience, because it is right in the middle of the city, on the most spectacular harbour in the world, and for such an affordable budget? It can’t get any better than that! A luxury yacht hire in Sydney - everything about that sounded expensive, well at least at first.


On top of everything that was unique about a wedding on the waters was the simple fact that the ceremony took shape in an iconic setting, with two of the biggest wonders of the world in attendance – the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Phenomenal wedding photos? Check!


The real winner 


The beauty of a yacht hire? It doesn’t have to be a wedding. It doesn’t have to be a formal social function. It can be a typical weekend shindig with your favourite groups of people or a post-work gathering with colleagues. With over fifty vessels to choose, you can pick a different boat each time! –  while still keeping in mind the budget and needs!


Suffice to say, you don’t need to wade through ideal venues for your upcoming event, we have a clear winner here.