Basic guide to ensuring road safety for travel by Chauffeur Drive
Basic guide to ensuring road safety for travel by Chauffeur Drive
At the end of the year, there is nothing better than getting the family together and taking the road towards the well-deserved rest of another difficult year of work and fighting the coronavirus. It is a time of leisure, of rest, of enjoying every moment with loved ones.

So that nothing goes out of plan and the trip doesn't end badly, it is of paramount importance that the vehicle owner checks all the variables that are part of the car's safety. We are not just talking about the mechanical issue, but also about important issues, such as the driver's good physical and mental condition and knowledge of the route.

To help with Chauffeur Service Istanbul traffic safety and the well-being of your trip, in this post, we present 4 tips that will give you more layers of protection in your journey on the road. Check out!


Do a car review

The first tip couldn't be any other, before hitting the road, to make sure your car is ready to face the trip, do a review, check items of paramount importance such as: headlights, brakes, lights, water, and oil, in addition to check the condition of the tires— not forgetting the spare tire. Also check the condition of tools, such as wheel wrench, hydraulic jack and triangle.


Check alignment and balance

Another important point that the driver needs to take into account to be safe during the journey is the alignment and balance of the vehicle. This ensures increased tire life, prevents wear on the suspension and contributes to fuel economy.


On long trips, on roads that we don't always know about conservation, we can deal with obstacles such as potholes and speed bumps and this can harm the car's alignment. Before hitting the road, check and, if necessary, make everything well aligned and balanced.


Rest well before the trip

One of the main causes of traffic accidents is the fatigue of drivers, who can end up losing their reflex due to sleep or excessive tiredness, or going to the point of falling asleep at the wheel, which can cause a serious accident. Sleep well the night before, eat properly, and prepare yourself physically for the hours you will spend sitting in the same position.


Know the route

As much as it is easy to access GPS applications today, it is important that the driver does good research on the best routes before continuing his journey. Analyse factors such as road conditions, the number of stations on the track, travel time and even issues such as the rates of violence in the region where the car may pass.


We hope that our traffic safety tips will help make your trip smooth and smooth. If you don't have time to take care of all the details, especially in relation to vehicle inspection, and you want to maintain the integrity of your car, a good option is to have a rental vehicle.


Thus, you guarantee that you will be driving a safe and inspected car and you will also be able to choose the most suitable model for the trip, according to the number of people and luggage you will take.


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