What Are The Features in the AI-based Shopping Assistant App
What Are The Features in the AI-based Shopping Assistant App
Features in the AI-based Shopping Assistant App

Till the last decade, there was no option available to buy something online in the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your doorstep. The only option available in shopping is to wait in a queue at your local stores or malls. Thanks to modern technology like artificial intelligence, now you can easily shop online with the help of a shopping assistant app and avoid those stressful queues.


In the past eight years, these online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, have experienced significant growth. With increasing product categories, shopping assistants need to grow to make shopping as convenient as possible.


While browsing for products online, a person spends a lot of time searching for the right product that suits his/her needs. To solve this problem, mobile app development companies in USA have turned their attention toward shopping assistant app development.


Whether you need a bag for your unique selection or an outfit in your unique style, these smart apps help you find the best prices and compare different products.


Why should you develop a shopping assistant app?


Getting involved in shopping assistant app development is always a great idea, and there are many reasons to support this claim. These applications save you time and money by providing excellent product and price comparisons and that too within seconds.


These apps not only save you a lot of time but also advise you when to buy a particular product to save maximum money on the purchase. Having these apps will make your shopping a breeze.


If you look at the shopping pattern between 10 years ago and now, you will find that the decision-making process has changed from asking brands about their product to asking your social circle, comparing reviews and ratings. Finding the right product for your needs can be a nightmare without a shopping assistant app.


Instead of running store to store, consumers can now compare hundreds of products in their domain with artificial intelligence.


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Must-have features for the Shopping Assistant app:


Their popularity largely depends on their number of features and their quality search outputs. With its increasing popularity, there is an amazing scope for various innovative features and unique solutions for you to work within your project development process.


However, there are many must-have features in a modern shopping assistant app.

1. Price Comparison:

Price comparison is a must feature for such projects. This feature helps users find the right product at the best price and save some money on that deal. These pricing comparisons are based on the user's requirements and prior shopping history.


With the use of artificial intelligence, this function can retrieve data from online or brick-and-mortar retailers that are willing to deliver it with further savings. To obtain data, you can work with brands or use open source data.


2. Purchase History:


Purchase history allows users to access their past purchases, previous and current price, and any coupons or discount available on those products. In some apps, this feature helps repeat a previous purchase or plan for a new one.


3. Coupons:


In terms of the creation of shopping assistant apps, coupons are urgently needed. These coupons help consumers get discounts on a particular product or store. Consumers can know the final discounted price of the product by applying the available coupon.


4. Shipment Tracking:


After purchasing a product, consumers need to know their product location at a specific time. Every retail application is responsible for displaying the order status for the convenience of users. The customer can be updated about their product by displaying information on the shipment tracking page or using SMS and push notifications. Your app must have an option for the user to opt-out of these updates.


5. Overall Assessment:


AI-assisted price prediction informs the user of updates about product price fluctuations. This feature runs on a price estimation algorithm that works for the benefit of your shopping assistant app. This feature informs users about the price of their favorite products every time there is a change.


6. Proposed Recommendations:


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the foundations for personalized suggestions. These recommendations are about many other products related to the purchased product. For example, if a user buys a shirt, this feature will recommend the perfect sneakers or jeans to match the purchased shirt.


Building a shopping assistant app is easy:


The shopping assistant app development process is similar to developing traditional mCommerce applications in different ways. These applications include user accounts, shopping cart, payment gateway, shipment tracking, and purchase history. You have to wonder which Android application development company in California makes the best shopping assistant app and how many hours these projects take to develop. And how much does it cost to develop a shopping assistant app?


Recognize how these apps work as shopping assistants:


Any shopping assistant app development is primarily based on artificial intelligence or a combination of AI and human analytics. These apps fall into two classes: human-based and AI-based.


As the name suggests, first-class data relies on human insights along with intelligence. A real-life person is integrated behind the interface that does the job of sorting through your details to find a perfect product.


The second type is AI-based shopping assistant apps. The main task of artificial intelligence is to drive these applications for data analysis and specially designed algorithms to generate suggestions based on user behavior. These suggestions typically require no human contact or approval, ultimately facilitating the consumer's shopping spree.




Shopping assistant app development is the current trend in the industry. These types of applications help enterprises and consumers in various ways. Everyone seeks an immediate response, and these shopping assistant apps provide the ideal answer. You can develop these apps with the help of a dedicated iOS apps development company in usa.


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