Route Planning Solutions of Fleet Management Software Helping Mining Industry
Route Planning Solutions of Fleet Management Software Helping Mining Industry
This is where a fleet management system comes into play. The route planning system allows managers to systematically envision what routes they want their vehicles to follow.

Imagine having to plan routes for a fleet operating in low visibility. Spoiler alert! It is very tough. This is where a fleet management system comes into play. The route planning system allows managers to systematically envision what routes they want their vehicles to follow. 

But before we get into this process we mentioned above, it is important to understand exactly what industry we are stepping into. Every industry comes with its own set of challenges but the mining industry is another mountain altogether. Let's learn more through this article. 

Challenges of the Mining Industry

Running vehicles inside a mine is not easy. It requires not only time but also trained professionals for operation execution. Here are some challenges that managers might face while running a fleet in such areas:

  • Undefined Paths: The structure of a mine is constantly changing. With new areas being dug up regularly, the paths also need redefining every couple of days. There is also the trouble that a mine totally consists of temporary paths and the absence of defined roads.


  • Safety Hazards: Mines are prone to many accidents. This can be due to rock collapse and also vehicle collisions with minimal lighting. It makes operating equipment and vehicles in a mine difficult. Thus, leading to huge monetary losses due to constant accidents as well. 


  • Lack of Visibility: While there is also a lack of physical visibility, we are addressing the issue of metaphorical lack of viability. Vehicles running in a  mine means managers do not have any means to keep surveillance over them at all times. Thus, drivers are left to fend for themselves and figure out their own routes. 

What is Route Planning and How Does it Work?

So now the question. How do we get ourselves out of the challenges that have been posed by the mining industry? The answer is simple! By bringing automation into the mix! This is why we believe that the route planning software can be the perfect partner for any mining business running a fleet, especially inside the site itself.

How? Well for starters, when managers manually create routes for their fleets, there are many chances of errors remaining. With the use of route planning solutions, the software takes care of all troubles. All the managers have to do is add in the required halts and their sequence. Henceforth, the system will create a route most suitable for the vehicle.

Let us take a deeper dive into how exactly this system is useful for the industry. 

How can Route Planning Solutions Help?

Route planning solutions of the fleet management system have many features that can ultimately change the way a mining fleet completely operates. They not only make the process easier for managers but also for the drivers actually inside the vehicles. But before we get into the benefits of using these solutions, let us have a detailed explanation of them: 

  • Live Tracking: The system allows managers to keep an eye on the location of their vehicles/equipment. This means that any vehicle travelling towards an unsafe area can be stopped in time. 


  • Trip Creation: We explained how route planning at its very core is simply adding halts and sequences for a route to be developed. This process is called trip creation. But how can it be executed in a mine that keeps on changing its path and halt location? This is why the software allows managers to create custom trips and save them as well. 


  • Deviation Alerts: In case a manager is not supervising or monitoring the live location of all their vehicles, this alert stops them from straying away from their designated path. Managers receive alerts and can investigate the situation further.


  • Geofences: Issues in mines are never the same. The locations of these problems are never the same either. At one point one area becomes risky and after some time another. This is why geofences allow managers to mark all unsafe areas to warn drivers of them.


  • ETA: Inside a mine that is working tirelessly to transport goods from one end to another, time management becomes very essential. Most time is wasted around weighbridges. Knowing just when vehicles will reach their assigned bridges can help form a schedule.

Benefits of Using Route Planning

So how do you think the above mentioned features benefit a business? Here we have listed a couple that can certainly make your operations easier: 

Time Efficient

The use of route planning solutions cut down many wasteful activities. These might include curating paths for vehicles every day, keeping continuous manual surveillance over drivers to eliminate danger and so on. But with the live tracking feature combined with geofences. Managers do not have to stress about their vehicles ending up in dangerous places. 

This saves the managers time that was previously wasted trying to contact their drivers to relay any information about their routes. Time thus saved can be then invested in other business operations.

Mapping Site

A mine has no definite map. We have already discussed this issue and all the difficulties that arise along with it. With a live tracker always documenting vehicle activities, managers get a figurative map of their sites. Though constantly changing, this map can aid better route planning. 

Ultimately managers save a lot on fuel that might get wasted previously due to inefficient routing. This process also makes it easy for managers to place their geofences inside the site, saving vehicles from potential danger. 

Enhanced Safety

Safety is any fleet's top priority when looking into the management of their vehicles. His concern further increases when we take the case of operating vehicles in a mine. But the route planning solution ensures that vehicles stay clear of any unsafe situation. 

Boosted Accuracy

The tracking system allows managers to get their vehicle’s exact location This means that there is a lesser chance of any error. The routes planned using this solution help managers execute their business operations easily. Thus, managers do no0t have to worry about any confusion or accidents. It can also help reduce congestion at weighbridges using correctly timed planning. The ETA feature of the route planning solution also aids this process. 

Report Generation

Reports generated by the solution will be useful in understanding the pattern of the fleet. This means that managers can detect if their business is lacking in some aspect and work on correcting it. Thus, they do not have to face any long term repercussions for acts that affect their productivity. 

This can be related to constant acts of deviation which might require addressing. Ultimately, managers can devise a training plan for their drivers to learn about correct driving practices inside a mine. 


Route planning solutions can be the perfect way for mines to not only plan their fleet but also lead towards profitability. This is why mining businesses need to invest in a fleet management system. With its dynamic solutions, managers can ensure smooth operation for their business, ensuring the safety of not just their drivers and vehicles, but also the product they are trusted with. 

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