A Compassionate Edupreneur Determined to Serve Humankind
A Compassionate Edupreneur Determined to Serve Humankind
A Compassionate Edupreneur Determined to Serve Humankind

A Compassionate Edupreneur Determined to Serve Humankind

“No one should have to choose between life and death because of the affordability factor of a treatment” ~ Dr. Sudhir Giri 

Dr. Giri has been using his expertise and competence in setting up educational institutes, universities, and healthcare facilities across India.

Dr. Giri, hails from a rural background, and has achieved so much in life with sheer hard work and determination to challenge every obstacle.

He has seen how much a middle-class man suffers at the hands of corrupt bureaucrats, especially in terms of medical aid.

These days, falling sick is also a luxury, as affording healthcare facilities can burn a common man’s pocket.

There are very few privileged people who still use their powers to help the weaker sections, and Dr. Giri is one such personality. 

Along with affordable education, he has been working industriously towards Affordable Healthcare and Medical Facilities for the underprivileged classes, as Dr. Sudhir believes in equality for all.

He believes everyone deserves to study and attain medical facilities despite their social status. The growth of a nation majorly depends upon skilled and educated youth and their well-being is also of great importance.

If we deprive the youth of a nation of proper healthcare and education, then the nation would suffer at large.   

In order to make his dream come true, Sir founded the Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) to offer quality healthcare facilities for all.

During the unprecedented pandemic situation, VIMS created a record by curing over 2000 corona patients during the first wave of Corona.

When India was hit by the second wave, doctors and healthcare workers worked tirelessly, and as a result, VIMS was amongst the institutes that recorded the lowest number of deaths in the country.

Even the testing times of COVID-19 saw Dr. Giri working diligently, leaving no effort to provide healthcare facilities to the public. Apart from the pandemic, the  Venkateshwara group is always at the forefront to serve the public in various domains.

Under Dr. Giri’s excellent guidance and leadership, major healthcare initiatives are being undertaken by the group. 

India administered 100 crore doses in October 2021 owing to the efforts of institutes like VIMS, which acted as committed vaccination centers.

Dr. Sudhir Giri mentored their operations and constantly worked with the healthcare officials for the betterment of facilities by adding the latest equipment and services.

Sir has received various honors for his social work. Her Excellency Anandi Ben Patel, Governor of UP, honored Dr. Sudhir Giri for doing laudable work in healthcare.

She also applauded the commendable work executed by private medical colleges & institutions, especially during the pandemic situation. 

He also received the “Excellence Healthcare Award” for performing excellent work during Corona at an event organized at Ram Manohar Lohia Medical College in Lucknow.

Dr. Giri extended his heartfelt gratitude and stated how special receiving this award was for him, and such salutations motivate him to work more diligently towards serving the multitudes who are in need. He received the award for persistent & dedicated service in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Without a strong pharmaceutical setup and knowhow, the medical facilities are incomplete.

Hence, along with the 750 bedded hospital at VIMS, Dr. Giri established the VIT College of Pharmacy (VITCP) and Venkateshwara Institute of Pharmacy (VIP) in the year 2018 and 2019.

All India Council of Technical Education, GOI, and Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi, have approved both the institutes, and the Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh has granted their affiliation.

We established the Pharmacy Institutes with a mission that the faculty and students will be innovators and leaders in transforming health care to create positive outcomes through discoveries and research. 

Dr. Giri plans on venturing into many more projects that would be beneficial for the masses.

Along with educational institutes, the  Shri Venkateshwara Group also keeps organizing medical camps where we provide free of cost healthcare facilities to the economically weaker sections of the society.

These medical camps provide medical advice and medicine to underprivileged people and suggest treatments as per their requirements.

These camps ensure people are getting healthcare at the correct time; before a minor health problem balloons into a serious illness.

 Dr. Sudhir Giri aims to increase disease awareness and aims to provide cost-free medical facilities.

Through these free medical camps, he offers ECG, OPD, Diagnosis, Blood Tests, Maternity, Oncology, Radiotherapy, Radiology, Physiotherapy, and Urology facilities available to the deprived population of the country.

These underprivileged people cannot afford, nor have access to, basic healthcare services about the diseases they are suffering from.

Dr. Giri envisions a nation where no one has to compromise on their health, only because of finances.