Game development outsourcing is an easy and cost-effective way to realize your game development vision at a minimal cost. We have prepared 5 main advantages of cooperation with an outsourcing company.

Benefits of outsourcing game development

Outsourcing Benefit #1: Everything under control

By outsourcing a project, the client knows that the firm will regularly keep him informed of the process. You can control the update around the clock. The outsourcing firm will take care of everything from setting deadlines for developers to separating and assigning tasks to developers.

In the case of direct hiring, the client also has the opportunity to evaluate progress, but everything will have to be done independently.

Outsourcing benefit #2. Unity above all else

The outsourcing firm knows the strengths and weaknesses of employees, distributing tasks taking into account these points. She has already selected programmers, game designers, artists, testers and other IT specialists with the necessary skills and tested them in their work. In addition, since the company specializes in the development of games and similar projects, doing this for more than a day, mutual understanding between team members will be better. The absence of organizational and communication problems is necessary for the timely completion of the project and effective cooperation.

In the case of direct hiring, it will take some time to establish communication between team members. In addition, the employer will have to personally assess each game developer to find out the strengths and weaknesses.

Austors Benefit #3. Cherchet la…developer

By outsourcing game development, there is a better chance of completing the project on time. Outsourcing firms are better at planning and trying to meet requirements.

If during the work on the project there is a need to increase engineering capabilities, the outsourcing company will cope with this faster. It has up its sleeves in the form of experienced HHs and HR specialists who will quickly recruit staff to develop custom games. Yes, and most self-respecting outsourcing companies have a staff of engineers, so to expand the team, it is enough to turn to internal resources.

In the case of direct hiring, the client directly depends on the developers. If suddenly he is not a coder himself and is not personally familiar with Python, Ruby, Java or other animals that live in the programming forest, developers are free to set goals at their own discretion. This is fraught with the fact that the game code will be written in a rare programming language and in a manner that no one outside the company will understand. Well, do not forget about the delays associated with the search for specialists.

Outsourcing benefit #4. Expert level in everything

Offshore firms are equipped with the software and hardware needed to develop mobile or PC games. For example, to develop a game for the iPhone or iPad, you only have to write code on Apple Inc devices.

By hiring a company for outsourcing, the client receives extensive technical capabilities and skills. Experienced developers know how to avoid common mistakes and implement proven, effective solutions. You can avoid additional costs associated with further maintenance and bug fixes by simply outsourcing game development. We advise you to read the article about 10 best game art outsourcing companies

Outsourcing Benefit #5: Incredible Savings

Going to conquer the world of games, the client decides to create a separate center. By building such a business in Ukraine or another country, a startupper expects to invest a lot of money in this business. The client expects to receive considerable profit from such investments, in the longer term, of course. But the profitability of such an investment is questionable. Lack of knowledge of market features and simply a huge amount of managerial, economic and other risks increase the cost.