What is the best blog to learn C# Programming?
What is the best blog to learn C# Programming?
best blog to learn C# Programming

What is the best blog to learn C# Programming?

C# is a language loved by its users for being versatile, productive, and keeping up with the current problems programmers need to solve. For example, maintainers have added functional programming concepts to the primarily imperative C# Programming language, adding the powerful query-functionality in LINQ, and smoother handling of asynchronous programming with the async / await-syntax.


The unification of all versions of .NET into .NET 5 has given C# and .NET future-safety, no matter which platform you use to develop or which platform you develop for: desktop, web, cloud, mobile, or other.


Whether you're getting into C# Programming with the launch of .NET 5 or if you're a long-time C# developer, there are a lot of great blogs out there. Based on writing quality, consistency, longevity, technical depth, and usefulness, I've suggest the best C# blogs.


Yarkul - Full Stack Developer Blog


This blog owner name is Yaroslav and is a side project of his. He has been a full-stack developer for over 15 years, and He is now a developer at one of the well-known company in Ukraine.


He began as way to share his software knowledge with others, and to create a helpful library of short tutorials for C#, MS SQL, Java Script, jQuery, Angular, and other technologies.



Take some time to look around, and feel free to contact his with any questions or comments you may have.