TrendSetter Business Model To Boost Your Social Media App With Live Video Streaming
TrendSetter Business Model To Boost Your Social Media App With Live Video Streaming
Develop your Periscope clone app, an app with increased audience traffic and business revenue.

Periscope, an exclusive live video streaming app, is owned by Twitter, the 280-character storytelling prodigy. It was launched in 2015 and has received a positive response from over a dozen million people who have participated in activities made possible by the service. Periscope's daily traffic is approaching one and one-half million.


Users can record live videos and broadcast them directly to the audience using this video streaming app. This feature allows the user to record and share whatever is happening at the time easily. This app provides a fantastic platform for users who want to pursue careers as professional reporters and can take advantage of it. This is a platform that users can showcase and prove their abilities.


The possibilities are endless, from discussing current events, real-time issues, live gameplay, singing songs, and discussing and sharing anything under the sun. It is also possible to have live interactions with their subscribers. This app is extremely useful for anyone and everyone. Assume that many celebrities already have their own Periscope Live channels.


Furthermore, the app is extremely convincing and can be used from any location. It also never requires a specific medium, and its high-end configuration allows the app to run smoothly on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


Monetization Opportunities In The Live Video Streaming Apps


Let's take a look at the options from the owner's perspective.


There are freemium models, a simple revenue model that is widely used. Let's begin with the most basic model. To begin, create your video streaming app and ensure that it meets the requirements listed below.


1. It has a simplified Free version that includes all essential features for a smooth app experience. You can place ads here to make money.


2. A paid version of the app with more features, improved functionality, and no advertisements. Users gain access to more features, such as exploring without being interrupted by advertisements.


The app could include built-in purchase options for the user to select from.


Brimming Features Of The Video Streaming App


Here we've compiled a list of must-have features for your video streaming app, such as Periscope Live, which has a greater chance of attracting attention from a larger audience.


1. The ability to stream video


In a live streaming app, both recording and streaming take place simultaneously. This is not the same as uploading the recorded video to an app. Incorporate this into your Periscope clone with custom RTMP support for Android users to improve efficiency. Using Video core, the app can also provide its users with manipulative filters with appealing options; it's too cool, you know.


2. The use of social media


Periscope live, like Twitter, has an integrated social media platform. And for it to work, it needs a verified Twitter account. Other social media accounts can also be integrated, and your app can be designed accordingly if it is not too strict. Multiple social media integration options will help ease your user when you concentrate on a larger audience range. They have the option of selecting their preferred social media account. However, the user can directly stream the video on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.


3. Options for live messaging


Periscope allows users to leave comments on live videos while using the app. This increases user viewer engagement, making the app more interactive, necessary for a live streaming video app. Other options for users to make necessary changes should be provided, such as hiding messages, reading comments over the broadcast, disabling messaging, hiding chat panels, and so on. The user should be able to change the options to suit their needs.


4. Add a geotag


The broadcast location can be directly shared using integrated Google maps. This feature allows broadcasters to share their location with their viewers. This is a simple way to find and meet new people.


5. Re-watching the Live Show


The app can save the live stream thanks to the app's incredible storage technology. Allow users to share it after it has gone live, allowing viewers and others to watch the user's activities.


6. Monetization through donations


This is a brand-new feature that you can add to your Live video streaming app. It is a popular solution that encourages users to share high-quality live videos with their audience. The app can charge a smaller portion of the donation as a fee, resulting in a profit.


Why Are Live Streaming Apps Like Periscope So Popular? 


1. Periscope Map


Increases engagement by making the location more congested. People get excited when they see a live stream, and when they are being streamed? It will pique people's interest in using the app.


2. Broadcast, record, and disseminate information


The app allows users to broadcast live. They can also record and save the stream and share it on a variety of social media platforms.


What are the advantages of Live Streaming apps for businesses?

1. Makes it possible to start a new business.

2. Increased chances of attracting more potential customers

3. Promotes brand loyalty.

4. Generating customer-focused content attracts a larger audience to the app.

5. Customer engagement activities in real-time

6. The ad-free app encouraged businesses to stay in the app and grow.


Build your Live Video streaming app


Will you not take advantage of the market and create your own Live Video Streaming app, similar to Periscope, which has increased opportunities for user interaction, attracting more human traffic, and increased revenue opportunities?



Let's get it processed if you have a similar idea. There are more opportunities to succeed in the market and establish yourself as a fantastic Video streaming app vendor with your brand. This is possible with a White label solution, which increases the app's flexibility. Hire a clone app development company and get started.