Top Tips on Revamping your Professional Devops Resume to get Shortlisted in 2022
Top Tips on Revamping your Professional Devops Resume to get Shortlisted in 2022
DevOps is an amalgamation of development teams and operations teams. It enables faster development of new applications and easier maintenance of existing ones. It promotes shorter and more efficient iterations by following best practices.

Becoming a DevOps engineer is a sought-after role. If you are trying to become one, then you need a DevOps engineer resume we have a few tips to revamp your professional DevOps resume:

1. Choose a suitable layout

You could list a dozen of your skills and still not get placed since DevOps is a swamp. Thus, choosing the correct resume layout is a must. In most cases, a reverse chronological format is followed as it boosts your most recent accomplishments.

If you are moving from IT to DevOps, or have limited experience then choosing a functional or a hybrid format might do well for you. These formats would highlight your skills. Let the recruiters know that you are an asset!

2. Write a resume summary

Job hunting is a stressful task. You need to collect brownie points that others might not be working on. Write that resume summary to stand out.

A resume summary is important as it sums up your experiences. If you have limited experience, then it conveys your motivation or passion for the role. Be honest about why you wish to work in this field and it would get the job done for you.

3. Mention experiences

It is always better to have relevant experience though. But years of work in the IT department can help you with a fresher DevOps resume. Mention the experiences, positions of responsibility held, and sprinkle your achievements.

Show accomplishments in other areas if you have pursued the software roles of a software engineer or IT. Even if you have never held the title of a DevOps engineer, you could show accomplishments that add to your DevOps skills. Help the hiring manager understand that you are the best fit and can get the job done!

4. List education

Although, education takes a backseat and is kept a rung lower than experience but do mention it. Why? Showcase achievements, projects completed, certifications held to align with the job opening. For instance, if the recruiter is seeking a candidate proficient in programming and network management, you could mention ‘pursued a passion for programming and network management.

5. Mention skills

Skills are the most important part of your DevOps resume but do not just list every skill of yours. This is spamming. The recruiter would lose interest while reading all the skills mentioned. Instead, mention skills developed or honed along with your work experience. Pick up keywords from the job description and mention them in your experience section, educational background.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a suitable layout that suits your work experience and educational background.
  • Write a resume summary to sum up your motivations and passion for the desired role.
  • Mention experiences in the relevant industry or mention experiences with accomplishments.
  • List education to showcase curiosity and zeal to learn.
  • Mention skills in every experience you have had.