Top 5 Tips about Video Chat on Android
Top 5 Tips about Video Chat on Android
If you own a smartphone or tablet boasting an Android operating system, you are in luck. There are modern apps offering video chat Android features that are value-adding.

It means communicating via an Android video chat can facilitate seamless business meetings, buffer-free family meets, and intimate chats with friends. Simply download your favorite app, learn how to video chat on Android, and enjoy communicating 24 hours, seven days a week.

What is Video Chat?

A video chat refers to communicating with someone or some people via visuals, in this case, a video. It is a less impersonal form of communicating whereby you get to see who you are communicating with. Unlike texting, the communicants can see and hear who they are chatting with.

Why You Need Professional Video Chat for Android

Before diving into the ins and outs of how to video chat on Android, the features offered are worth noting. Part of the reason one needs a professional video chat for Android is security. With modern applications, you get to communicate on an encrypted platform. Additionally, there are features allowing for better streaming. These features might include easier access to contacts to facilitate the meeting quickly.

Also, a professional video chat for the Android app will allow a member to record or save minutes if necessary. This is important to avoid the hustle of a secretary providing minutes. Everything is controlled, monitored, and saved by the host of the meeting. While phones and tablets come with default video chat applications like Google meet, there is always room for improvement. New apps let you decide who to communicate with, regardless of whether they have a similar application.

A video chat for Android applications might not be accessible in restricted regions. However, a professional Android video chat can be facilitated from anywhere in the world, as long as the internet is available. Aside from security being a factor, certain applications allow larger crowds for a better quorum. It means you need a professional video chat for Android to bring buyers, sellers, employees, and potential mergers together at once.

Must-Have Video Chat on Android Features 

As we proceed with tips on how to video chat on Android, let’s check out the must-haves as far as these apps are concerned. Certain features make using a video chat Android app easy and enjoyable too.


When you finally decide to download a decent application for your Android video chat, it is important to remember mobility. It means finding an application that allows you to communicate on a laptop, tablet,

or indeed your smartphone. Newer software offers such features with the best apps available for download on Playstore.

1. Security

Be sure to download an application with built-in safety features and encryption. It helps keep conversations and especially transactions uncompromised.

2. Moderated Entry

This must-have feature means the host can allow members to join without disrupting the meeting. It is important in professional conferencing.

3. Screen Share

This is very common within Google’s Zoom meetings. It allows you to share documents and visuals easily with everyone at once. It is a PowerPoint presentation online, in real-time.

4. Recording

This is as important as a secretary is for minutes. The record feature allows you to archive visual and audio information for reference purposes.

5. Active Speaker

This feature lets members know who is speaking at any particular moment. App developers apply modern API to enable members to track, mute and unmute specific attendants.

The Cost of Video Chat App Building

According to app development statistics, it costs anywhere from $30k to $70k to build a video chat app. This cost varies depending on countries too. Here are a few things worth considering before diving into the app development world.

·      The country where you plan to build the app is important. Labor costs, material costs, and other expenses vary from one country to another. It is no secret that some nations have factories in third-world countries to lower operational costs. It might be cheaper to outsource the development of certain bits of video chat for the Android app.

·       Developers and designers add to the cost of developing an app. If the app agency used is on the higher end, costs will likely exceed $70,000. To put it all into perspective, a professional Android video chat app like Zoom will cost the developer around $40K to $70. Certain features help developers make the money back slightly quicker, like in-app adverts and the like.

Lowering the video chat for Android development costs can be achieved with limited platforms too. For starters, apps that are considered cross-platform cost more than your average one-to-one meeting app. These costs are not fixed and it is important to discuss the same with several app developers.

 How to Make Android Video Chat

Having established the importance of a video chat for Android, let’s dive into t specifics. Incidentally, one of the better options is a Cloud Communications product known as ZEGOCLOUD. This app offers real-time, audio, and visual cloud communication options.

1. Two or more members need to be logged onto the app and available online.

2. Tap the video icon on the app to begin a video call and the voice call icon for a basic voice call. 

3. ZEGOCLOUD allows you to integrate different features onto your video call, depending on requirements.


For starters, the site is offered for Android devices and boasts API and mobile support. The most usable and used features include:

Document management

Save, monitor, and manage documents shared in meetings on cloud storage. This is increasingly important for business conferencing.

Electronic Signature

Similar to signatures embedded in emails, you can verify if documents and meetings are indeed valid and yours. It keeps things professional with little chance of forgery or hacking.

ACH Payments

Indeed this is one of the crucial features, allowing for encrypted, efficient, and effective payment processing.

Event and Committee Management

The feature speaks for itself as it allows you to facilitate all manner of events on one platform. Other management features include financial and work order management. These fall under the online payment processing and mobile payments features.


The cost of using ZEGOCLOUD starts at $0.59 per 1000 minutes of talk time.

These payments can be made monthly or annually.

There are up to 34 designations on ZEGOCLOUD. These command different requirements and possibly varying prices.