The best ways to get rid of pimples and treat acne
The best ways to get rid of pimples and treat acne
How these lesions form: Candle scars form after infectious cysts or other skin lesions that are deep and reach the surface of the skin. In this way, the skin tissue is destroyed and a columnar scar is left.

Treatment of boils

There are several ways to treat acne scars:

Punch incision is one of the most common treatments for this form of the boil. In this procedure, the doctor cuts the scar using a small tool that looks like a pastry tin. The skin is then glued together (using tissue glue or other techniques) to repair it.

Punch grafting is another method used to treat deeper and larger types of acne scars. Like a puncture incision, the scar tissue is first removed from the skin, then the wound is filled with skin grafts. The grafted skin is usually removed from behind the ear. Article store


Both of these methods can cause small scars on their own. But the scars from them will be flat. For this reason, they are much less visible and can be easily erased by laser methods. Downloadha


Boxcar scar

Wax or box box scars are seen as round or elliptical hollow lesions with vertical walls (like a cylinder). The openings of these scars are wider than candle scars and give the skin an uneven and perforated state (smallpox). P30download


How these lesions form: When an inflammatory reaction (such as what happens under some pimples) causes the destruction of tissue collagen, the skin tissue degenerates. Collagen is our interstitial cement, and when it is destroyed, the subcutaneous tissues can not carry the upper tissues. In this way, scattered areas in the skin are sunk. Wagon scars can be superficial or more severe. Rahim-soft


Treatment of acne scars

Punch grafting:

Like candle scars, wagon scars can be treated with punch incisions. This type of scar can also be improved by "raising the punch", which is a similar method to punch grafting. In lifting the punch instead of the graft, lift the skin at the base of the scar to align it with the adjacent areas. Getnewzone


gel injection :

The most common treatment for acne scars is the injection of gels or skin fillers. Gel injections are done using different materials and can give volume to different parts of the skin. It makes sense that gel injections are a good choice for treating sunken boils such as scars. The gel injected under the scar of the wagon lifts the skin so that it is level with the adjacent areas. Idroidzone