Is custom website design better than WordPress theme
Is custom website design better than WordPress theme
To make the best choice for your website design, we have mentioned the pros and cons of both the custom website design and WordPress theme.

We may not know, but the marketing world exploits human aesthetics the most. Is it a weird statement to make? The studies have shown that it only takes 15 minutes to consume the content. The most significant fact is that 66% of the audiences prefer well-designed content over simple content. The same goes for the website content. Furthermore, it is important because the web design sets up the first impression that keeps your audience stuck to the screen. Therefore, a well-thought website design plays a significant role in tuning your SEO strategy and building trust with your target audience. These facts and figures endorse the need for custom website design. Let’s break down the website design into the basic elements for further understanding.


Elements of a website design 

You don’t set up your website anew every other day. It is a once for all effort, though you keep updating it over time. Hence, it is always best to invest carefully. Therefore, before you hire any WordPress web design servicewe would like you to know the details about the elements of a website design.


No one likes to wander about or to get stuck while searching for something. However, the more time and struggle it takes, the more you will lose your traffic. Hence, you must ensure that your website navigation is simple, self-explanatory, and includes main headings comprising of the subheadings. Furthermore, if you wish to convert your leads into conversions, you must easily facilitate them with the information.


Around 60% of all online searches are conducted via mobile devices. Hence, you must get a custom website design from WordPress Website Design Serviceswhich is responsive so that your website is presentable on various devices, including tablets, desktops, and smartphones. It ensures the use-experience.

Style guide

You will have a defined style guide when you hire a custom WordPress design service for your website design. The style guide includes formatting, colour palette, typography, font size etc. In compliance with your products and services branding, consistency over the whole website offers you a point of brand recognition.

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons

Once you succeed in having leads on your website, you must guide them for conversions. The most beneficial step you may take is to integrate call-to-action buttons.

Loading speed

Using custom website design helps you optimize your webpage loading speed to the minimum. Loading speed has no impact on the eyes of the reader. However, it casts some grave impressions by keeping your visitors stuck to the site because using multiple heavy themes may slow down your page’s speed.

Using the WordPress Website Design Services, you may choose between website design or custom website themes. The decision is important because approximately 38% of the users do not prefer interacting with websites. Therefore, here we shall look into the pros and cons of both approaches so that you may choose the best-suited option for your website.

Pros & Cons 

Pros of a pre-designed WordPress theme

WordPress has been so popular for various reasons, and theme plugins are among them. Some of the benefits themes offer are as below.

  • Cost-efficient: Buying a theme from the WordPress library proves cost-efficient than custom website design. Mostly, it costs from $10 to $100, which makes themes suitable for all business sizes.
  • Easy to handle: WordPress themes are super-easy to use. It would take just a few clicks. As soon as you customize your theme, you’ll be good to go in some minutes. Setting up the theme requires minimalist expertise, and anyone can use these easily.
  • Long-term customer support: when you buy the themes on WordPress, mostly you get long-term support from the developers without charging any extra cost. With this, you do not have to care about the negative impact of WordPress updates. 
  • SEO: On top of it all, WordPress themes are set up with SEO solutions. Moreover, if your chosen theme does not offer SEO optimization, you can use SEO plugins. 


Initial support: Pre-designed themes are more like DIY solutions, hence, you may have to take some headache for initial support to customize the theme, or you can hire a custom WordPress design service for the purpose.

No customization: when you are using the WordPress theme, you will be bound to use the elements and designs of the theme. Moreover, if you wish to make some changes, you will have to do it yourself.

Pros of custom website design 

Like the WordPress themes, using WordPress Website Design Services from a top-notch WordPress design agency, Navicosoft, offers you the following benefits over themes.

Complies with your need: You can have a product aligned right according to your branding strategies and business core values when you hire designers. In addition, by acquiring professional designers’ skills, you will have fully functional features not found with the WordPress themes.

Uniqueness: As you align the design according to your brand, you can have a customized website unique to your brand. Hence, it helps with brand recognition and building trust among the target audience.


The most significant benefit of the custom website design is the client support during the design & development of the website. Hence, it leaves very little to do for you in the end.


Process time: It takes longer to customize the website theme according to your need and preferences. Certainly, you cannot download the design with just one click. Hence, it may take the designers weeks or months to bring your final design.

Cost: With quality comes the cost. Hiring a web developer may cost you a little bit more than downloading the themes. Furthermore, you may have to pay some extra charge for additional support in the future.

Support: Last but not least, once your project is completed, your support from the client ends. Consequently, if you ever experience any issues in the future, you will have to pay extra to your designer for support.

In the end, both the custom website design and WordPress themes have their advantages and disadvantages. Hence, to make your choice easier, you must analyze your business journey, branding strategy, and your preferences.