Cloud application development vs traditional software development
Cloud application development vs traditional software development
Many cloud developers have become experts in their field, and they're looking to take advantage of their skills by offering freelance services to companies who value them.

Development is a highly dynamic and rapidly evolving field. In today's world, the amount of information available is staggering, with new content being created every minute. 


With all of these advancements, it's hard to imagine that there are still some companies that resist the move to hire cloud developers for cloud application development.

What exactly is cloud application development?

In essence, cloud application development is a method of developing applications that can be hosted on the Internet. It provides users with access to applications over the Internet and allows them to use them via web browsers or mobile devices.


As its name suggests, cloud application development uses "the Cloud" as a host for these applications. And so far, this approach has proven itself to be extremely successful.

Why are companies hiring more cloud developers?

Cloud application development allows for more efficient use of resources and this can save your company money over time. For example, if your company is using online storage solutions instead of traditional data centers, then it will be able to save on electricity costs. In addition, because cloud computing is accessible from any location, your cloud developer can perform their jobs from anywhere in the world which will reduce your business travel expenses as well.


In addition to this, Gartner also reported that the public cloud services market is estimated to reach US$207 billion by 2020. This means that there will be an increasing number of businesses that will require professional cloud developers to build their applications on the cloud platform.


So, how can you make sure that you are hiring the best freelance cloud developer? Here are a few pointers:


1) Experience: A good cloud developer should have at least 2 years of experience in this domain. The cloud developer with 2+ years of experience would have information and knowledge about all the latest tools and technologies.


2) Skills: Check whether or not the package includes all the skills required for your project at an affordable price. You should also check whether they have worked on similar projects before and what their involvement was in those projects.


3) Testimonials: Look out what the past clients are saying about the freelance cloud developer that you are about to hire. How they have worked before and whether they have delivered the quality that you are expecting or not.


Tens of thousands of companies are now using cloud services to deliver software in a very different way than before. As a result, a new breed of cloud developers has emerged. The roles for cloud developers have changed to encompass more responsibilities when compared to traditional software developers. They must be able to adapt to this change and understand how cloud computing impacts their development process and time-to-market.


In the past, companies relied on IT personnel for all their computing needs, from operating systems to databases, from app servers to load balancers, and so on. One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise companies today is developing software to meet the demands of a modern consumer and business world. Better hire a freelance cloud developer.