Cashless Payment Solutions for Mobile - NFC Mobile App Development
Cashless Payment Solutions for Mobile - NFC Mobile App Development
The world has changed a lot that it has transformed the ways of making payments to purchase products or do online shopping etc. Paying with hands is changing, and it is getting replaced with cashless payment solutions. It is possible through your mobile devices that the new trend of using the Near Field Communication(NFC) App is evolving. It is being promoted so much as it includes zero-touch.


It is why any Mobile App Development Company and other organizations like Retail and FinTech are ready to adopt it. They help in reducing losses and improving the efficiency of transactions. NFC payment solutions are becoming popular during the pandemic as they introduce hygiene practices, use technology to avoid infection, and maintain social distancing. It is essential to know what NFC payment is and understand how it works.


NFC Payment and its operation:


NFC technology allows the users to transfer and receive information through mobile devices within a short range of about 4cm.


NFC chips exchange encrypted data when payment and reader devices come together. It will make the checkout process fast, making NFC an efficient and secured payment method.


Advantages of NFC payment:


  • NFC makes it easier to do payments without using a wallet or credit card by using a Tablet or Smartphone.
  • You can utilize NFC for restaurant reservations, mobile banking, or booking movie tickets as applicable to use on different payment systems.
  • l With a more fabulous user experience with payments, an individual, without worrying, can perform any transaction. It will automatically increase productivity and brand reputation.
  • NFC cards are more secure to perform transactions than credit cards


Disadvantages of using NFC payments:


  • Using NFC payments is more pricey for large-scale operations than other payment methods.
  • There are certain security risks involved even though it is a payment method with complete safety and security.


Most reliable and secure NFC payment Apps in Current Market:


Many Mobile App Development companies are integrating NFC payment apps for contactless transactions in the present market.


Google Pay:


Google Pay is the famous NFC payment option everyone uses to send and receive payment with end-to-end encryption. When an individual puts the phone on the Google Pay enabled terminal, the phone opens, and a transaction is performed. This application accepts credit or debit cards across various brands like Discover Cards, American Express, etc. It is an app integrated with central banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, CitiBank, etc.




It is an NFC application that allows you to transfer funds securely or do mobile shopping. It is said to be applicable to use for Android and iOS users. It notifies you all the time while you perform transactions. You can transfer up to 10,000 rs, and it is also integrated with Google Pay and Apple Pay.


MasterCard Paypass:


It uses an NFC payment system for smooth, safe, and swift purchases. The tap and pay option of NFC enables the customers to make payments with merchants having a PayPass terminal.


Final Thoughts:

NFC payment system is swift, secure, and smooth to perform transactions without contacting another person. Moreover, it is reliable and safe to use even though some security risks are present. Overall it is a great payment system to use mainly during the Covid crisis.