8 Cost-Saving Marketing & Branding Strategies for Restaurants
8 Cost-Saving Marketing & Branding Strategies for Restaurants
You know, around 60% of the new restaurants fail within the first year while 80% shut down before reaching their fifth anniversary.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who has started with his dream restaurant and need a helping tip to make it a quick success, well you are at the right place. You know, around 60% of the new restaurants fail within the first year while 80% shut down before reaching their fifth anniversary. 


Don’t worry.


Being a branding and logo design company in the USA, we are here to share the most cost-saving and intelligently strategized marketing and branding techniques that can help your business rise from the very start. Let’s check them out.

  1. Social Media Presence

Social media allows customers to learn about a specific business in a matter of seconds. With your restaurant present on social media, you can share an enormous amount of enticing information, pictures, and videos, and even promote them to reach the target audience and create brand awareness.

  1. Partnering with Influencers 

Partnering with influencers in the food and beverage niche, and with a good following, can be of high significance for your restaurant. These people can promote your restaurant by spreading the word about your food, ambiance, and best offerings, hence quickly expanding your network without much effort.

  1. Table management system

In addition to managing walk-ins and reservations, you can also make use of a table management system. A sound table management system will let you accept reservations online, build a customer database and sync directly with your restaurant’s ability to prevent overbooking. An online booking option will spread the word about your availability to potential customers.

  1. Email Marketing

Building a customer database can be extremely useful for email marketing. By putting up your customer database in a newsletter client, like MailChimp to send your diners regular updates about the restaurant, can help attract huge traffic and also increase brand loyalty among the customers. 

  1. Designing a Business Logo

A logo is the must-have asset of a business, belonging to any genre. A unique and enticing logo helps spread your brand’s message to the audience and increases its authority. Get in touch with a professional logo designer for your logo design. Once it is developed, use it on your entire range of marketing material and necessarily on social media platforms to create brand awareness and create a lasting impact on the customers’ minds.

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  1. Starting a Blog

Blogging is an easy and cost-effective way of attracting traffic on the internet. Having a website blog will let you win organic Google search traffic. Whenever a potential customer searches for topics of food and restaurants on Google and gets your brand in the search results, it is when he will recognize your brand. By putting up good quality blogs on relevant topics, your website will show up more in Google results and hence increase brand awareness.

  1. Getting listed on Google My Business

Since it is the first thing that comes up when the customer searches your restaurant online, you must set up a Google My Business Profile. This will allow you to manage your outreach on Google Search and Google Maps. Make sure your active hours, contact number, location, email, website link, etc are updated. Also, add links to your delivery or booking partners making it easy for the customers to book a table or order food right from the Google search.

  1. Coupons, Discounts, and Offers

Plan for special season discounts, offers, and coupons every year and then distribute them online using social media, email marketing, My Business, and blogs. This will help create a positive buzz about your restaurant.

In the End

From the above points, we understood that there are numerous ways by which you can begin marketing and branding your restaurant business. You can either choose a few of them or all of them as per your interests and abilities. But remember, the more you can bring your business in front of the customers, the better.


If you are a restaurant business and want to start with online marketing & branding at cost-effective rates, reach us and we shall discuss this further. VerveLogic, a leading branding, and logo design company in the USA, is a team of highly qualified professionals and industry masters who work with brands across the globe to provide exceptional branding and marketing solutions. Get your free quote today.