What is Facility Management?
What is Facility Management?
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What is Facility Management?


Facility management is covered by ISO 41001 deals with the management, operation and maintenance of facilities of an organization. It affects the health and well-being of all those who come in contact with an organization and covers a wide range of areas, including occupancy costs, space use, maintenance, safety, cleanliness and the environment. Facilities management standards are defined as organizational functions that integrate people, space, and processes into an environment designed to improve the quality of human life and productivity of the core business. The challenge is to balance the changing needs and demands of stakeholders. Keeping abreast of trends in how and where people work makes facility management an essential aspect of organizational success.


ISO 41001 Facility Management:

Requirements, including guidelines for use of ISO 41001, facilities management - management system - facilities management teams achieve the best skills. International standards draw on best practices and form a benchmark for the development and operation of an effective strategic, tactical, and operational facilities management system. To manage the organization's outsourcing facilities, it will help to select providers who can comply with the criteria.


Facility management services:

Facility management is one of the most important roles of any company where property is owned or leased for business transactions with the company's employees, systems and customers. Next to human capital, it is the most valuable asset of a company. Unfortunately, as a cost center, it is often notorious for its counterparts in the profit center, and in many cases, others often find it a simple task. Still, ask any nonprofit professional who has been assigned to visit a benefit department, and they will tell you the importance and value of having a strong benefits manager for the company. Now in facility management, one can never expect to be able to predict what they will face, and different agencies give different responsibilities to their FM, but only if one can master the seven key aspects of this profession.


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