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Intelligent automation that understands people instead of the other way around. Krista is a nothing-like-code platform to automate business outcomes, build ML from scratch, and leverage the world’s collective AI more simply than you might think possible.

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    Automating Front of House Standard Operating Procedures...

    A standard operating procedure is essential because it ensures that everyon...

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    Call Center Automation: What is it and What’s the Futur...

    There are many reasons why automating your call center can be beneficial. F...

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    Conversational AI Vs. Chatbots – What’s the difference?

    When it comes to customer service teams, businesses are always looking for...

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    Top 9 Machine Learning Projects For Beginners and Advan...

    Isn’t that incredible? We are on the cusp of a new era where machines lea...

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    Types of Machine Learning

    Machine learning (ML) is an enabling technology for artificial intelligence...

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    The Future of Intelligent Automation

    Digital transformation is building or optimizing business models using mode...

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    Digital Transformation Successes And Failures

    Digital transformation is more than a buzzword or cliche. It is a call for...

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    What is the Future of RPA?

    Here is a detailed blog on future of Robotic process automation (RPA)

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