The Forgetten Marketing Medium - Packaging Design
The Forgetten Marketing Medium - Packaging Design
This is a prime illustration of how design and the packaging media can combine to produce an experience that improves the product.

Think about a ring box's wrapping for a moment. This type of traditional packaging graphic design constructs the stage on which the wonderful commodity is presented to the (hopefully) future bride.

The product box's design is straightforward, basic, and unassuming. But the package is also lavish, beautiful, and sophisticated. This is a prime illustration of how design and the packaging media can combine to produce an experience that improves the product.

The world of packaging is enormous, active, and a very, very creative medium. As you can see above, it can be a plain box, a polymailer, a mailer bag, or a tube.

Product boxes serve a variety of purposes, including marketing, protection, identification, and transportation. So you can see how fast and readily the subject becomes complicated when there are so many jobs to fill.

You'll learn a lot about the connection between package design and physical packaging in this article.

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How does packaging design work?

How to choose your product's ideal packaging

How to create branded packaging

Inspiration for packaging box designs

Let's first clarify the definition.

What Is Packaging Design?

The process of creating product packaging to safely contain, identify, and distribute a product is known as packaging design.

Almost single product in a store has packaging, whether it be McDonald's food boxes, Apple's iPhone packaging, the box your new fridge comes in, or even tea bags.

Some of it is horrible, but most of it is good.

No matter their qualifications or experience, graphic designers, packaging engineers, or pretty much anyone else can design packaging.

Creating Packaging for Items and Goods


It's a little more difficult to design product packaging than it is to place a sticker on a cardboard box. You must first decide on the packing medium.

Will it be a high-end rigid box or just a plain cardboard box with bespoke printing?

Your packaging's media is frequently disregarded.

After selecting a material, take into account the following:

Visual communication and packaging

Design of physical packaging

Design and marketing

These definitions of design all differ from one another.

Finding the ideal packaging for the goods you're selling will be made easier if you are aware of these various viewpoints.

Visual Communication and Packaging

Design, from the perspective of a graphic designer, refers to how the brand's design is mirrored in the product boxes.

In this way, the design concept should draw a customer's attention while also informing them about the goods.

The brand's aesthetic and goals should be reflected in the packaging graphics and displayed on the box. Consider employing a straightforward yet efficient online graphic maker or hiring a qualified graphic designer to streamline the process.

However, before you begin packaging design, keep in mind that your packaging reflects your complete business.

It not only informs the customer about the goods but also links it to your brand.

Therefore, the packaging for your product and brand required to be coordinated.

Especially in emerging industries like the legal cannabis industry and its branding, many brands make this mistake.

As you create your product boxes, make sure you have the following materials available:

Brand Logo



Other Imagery

Product Shapes

The physical shape of your product box is crucial to its graphic design.

It serves little purpose to design attractive packaging for products if it cannot adequately protect the contents.

A translucent plastic wrap made of petroleum is typically the most popular type of packaging. This is wonderful if you don't want people to remember your brand and terrible for the environment.

Create an Unboxing Experience

They are the most fundamental components of custom packaging design: materials, design, and shape.

You need to combine them all at this point.

The ideal method to combine all three of these components is to create an unboxing experience.

What Is an Unboxing experience?

When a customer first receives your product at home, they go through an unboxing experience.

Final Thoughts

Your brain is overflowing with information if you are here, which is the only explanation.

As you can see, packaging design entails much more than just a straightforward cardboard box or plastic bag.

It's an effective marketing tool that can offer your brand the reputable image it needs to thrive.

Using the information above to design packaging can help your business stay competitive.

And, yes, Desworks can assist you with your packing requirements.