Lamp Boxes - Benefits of Lamp Boxes
Lamp Boxes - Benefits of Lamp Boxes
Lamp Boxes are small post boxes used by the Royal Mail, the Commonwealth of Nations, and An Post in Ireland. A lamp box needs a lampshade to complete the package. These boxes are easy to assemble. They are made from standard 200# (32 ECT) corrugated cardboard. They are also ideal for storing or transporting tall items. Here are some benefits of lamp boxes. These boxes can fit almost anything!

Custom Lamp Boxes Packaging

Lamp Boxes are made of standard 200# (32 ECT) test corrugated

Most Lamp Boxes are made of standard 200-pound test corrugated cardboard. The strength of the box is measured by a test known as the Mullen Burst Test. This test measures how much force the box can withstand if it is dropped or stacked. The results of this test are printed on a box's certificate and the manufacturer's name. The test also determines the minimum amount of base paper that each square foot of corrugated cardboard box must contain.


They are ideal for moving or storing tall items

A lamp box is the perfect container for your grandma's lighted treasure. The  Custom Boxes comes with all of the supplies you need to pack and ship your precious heirloom. Before packing, you can use q-tips, cloths, and toothpicks to polish your prized lighted treasure. Next, wrap the lamp tightly in layers of bubble wrap and packing paper. Next, stuff your tall moving box with foam peanuts or newsprint to protect the shade.

They need a lampshade

To protect the delicate finish of your lamp, you must keep it as clean as possible. For this purpose, you can use a hair dryer or a vacuum attachment. Be sure to put it in the safest location and avoid using newsprint as this will leave ink stains. Moreover, do not use packing tape on delicate finishes. You can even use a label to draw attention to the fragile items.

They are easy to put together

Lamp boxes are made of lightweight cardboard and come in various sizes. They are designed to fit light bulbs. To pack your light bulbs in their lamp boxes, remove the screws from the lampshade. Once the screws are removed, wrap each bulb individually in bubble wrap and secure the bulb in the lamp box with tape. You can use dividers made of cardboard or label the box as fragile to protect the bulbs. Lamps that use mercury light bulbs should not be shipped.

They are ideal for disposing of non-regulated spent fluorescent light bulbs

If you're looking for a way to dispose of non-regulated spent fluorescent light bulbs, a lamp box is the answer. These large boxes contain approximately 38 lamps and are shipped knocked down. They have a single wall construction and a label identifying which bulbs should be disposed of. They can also be easily assembled without the need for tools. If you're wondering if a lamp box is the right solution for your needs, read on to find out why this product is so ideal.