Underappreciated Office Productivity Technologies
Underappreciated Office Productivity Technologies
When it comes to office productivity and technology, we probably think about laptops, smartphones, and other flashy equipment.

However, there are tons of "unsung heroes" in the workplace that never get the recognition that they deserve. Here is a list of some of the most underrated technology that improves productivity at the office.

This list contains some surprising things that you may have never considered.

Smartphone Apps:

Android and iPhone handsets get the spotlight, but it's the apps that make the smartphone smart. There are tons of great business productivity apps that can help you in the workplace. There are apps that will allow you to manage, scan, and edit documents, as well as apps that will help plan your next business trip.


We take batteries for granted. But without the lithium ion battery, we wouldn't have laptops, smartphones, or even iPads. The lithium-ion battery has created a business environment where employees are no longer tethered to their desks. We're more mobile and more productive thanks to the lithium ion battery.

Sure, there are tons of jokes about how much we hate office printers, but without the printer, we would still be using typewriters. The printer is just as important as the computer. Just think about how quickly we can now produce pages of paper documents thanks to printers. So before you get mad at your printer, be grateful that you have one.

Without blogs, you wouldn't have the information sharing that we have today. Blogs are a great resource where you can find tons of tips to improve productivity in your office. What would people share on social media sites such as Facebook if there weren't any blogs?

Open Source:

If it weren't for open source software, businesses would have to pay a lot more for productivity software. Today, you can download tons of productivity and database software that will improve your business. It's all because of open source technology. You're saving a lot of money in the process.

Document Management Software:

Document management software is the missing piece of the puzzle for most businesses. This software allows you to keep track of your digital documents and allows you to easily organize them. Document management software is the filing cabinet and file folder of the 21st century, except it's a lot more efficient.

If we didn't have high volume scanners, it would take businesses years to digitize paper documents. High volume scanners can scan hundreds of pages in minutes. These heavy-duty scanners can handle the biggest document imaging jobs. High volume scanners significantly improve business productivity.

The stapler doesn't get a lot of love in offices, but it's one of the most reliable pieces of technology. As long as we have paper documents, there will always be a place for the staple. It keeps documents organized. Just be sure no one takes your stapler from your desk.

This is just a shortlist of some of the most underrated office technologies. There are tons of other things you could add to this list.

Colour Laser Printing Resolution:

The resolution of a printer is very important because it directly impacts the quality of the prints it will produce. Generally, you will get better resolution as you move up the price range, but this is not always true. It becomes even less true if you are operating off of the lowest available sale prices, rather than the full retail price. If the resolution is inadequate, the quality of your prints will be inadequate as well.

As a general rule, do not go below 600 dpi x 600 dpi. This is a decent resolution if you are looking for a lower priced printer, but don't expect it to produce the highest possible quality prints. If you can get higher than this resolution number, then you can do more impressive color laser printing from your office.

Printer Memory

Since your printer is going to be used in a professional setting, you should select one with at least 96 MB of memory. This should be enough memory for very basic printing projects, but more advanced or continuous use will warrant more RAM memory.

Another thing to consider is whether you can add memory to your machine later on if you need it for more advanced colour laser printing. If the amount of memory that comes with the machine is the maximum amount of memory that it can handle, then you will need to purchase a new machine down the road if you find you need additional memory.