A Pro Guide to Make the Perfect Business Cards for Your Brand
A Pro Guide to Make the Perfect Business Cards for Your Brand
Just like designing a creative business logo, you must be clear on the look and feel of your Business Cards as well.

For most business owners, it is hard to know what they want from their final design. If you are also struggling with the same thing, worry not! This post has been crafted to help you to create a business card that best represents your business, one that looks creative and meets all your requirements.

Here are the most crucial things that need your attention while designing your business card:

#1 Size

The size of your card is the primary thing that you need to decide before moving forward with other elements. There are two standard sizes for business cards:

  • Standard US business cards: 8.5 cm x 5 cm or 1050 pixel x 600 pixel
  • Standard UK business cards: 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm

#2 Text

Always ensure that your font is easy to read. It is not a good idea to use a font size of less than 8-9 points. Along with the font type and size, it is essential to pay special attention to the text alignment and spacing. A messy/wrong alignment will make your business card look unattractive, and if there is some issue with spacing, reading the text will be hard for your audience, so choose it wisely.

#3 Colors

Deciding on the colors is another tricky thing; for instance: when you get your business cards printed, you might come across that the grey color you selected during the designing process with a graphics tool is different on the final outcome. Usually, it is not a big deal for the basic business cards, but we would highly recommend you to keep it in mind.

However, if you are concerned about the actual colors on the printed business card, we will suggest discussing it with your printing service provider. Most of the professional Digital printing services provide you with a sample printed business card before you get the entire order produced.