Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Pets
Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Pets
The Valentine’s Day countdown has begun! Whether you are single or taken, one thing is certain: the preparations for celebration must have ramped up with the arrival of February, the season of love.

While it is claimed that love is a four-letter word spelled “pet”, we couldn’t agree more that pets are the true love of our lives.

This February 14th, spend time with your furry, feathery and scaly partners who love you unconditionally for a lifetime.

Here are surefire ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your pet to make them feel loved.

7 Ways to Make Your Love Feel Special

1 – Plan a getaway

Who doesn’t like to get out of the four walls of their house these days? This cupid’s day, you can show your dog or cat some love by taking them on an outing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big, luxurious trip or a long exhausting journey. You can even take them to a local park, a nearby beach or to a dog shelter where your fluffy friend can run about and enjoy freely.

2 – Make V-day a R&R day!

The ideal approach to spending quality time with your pet is to take a rest and relaxation day together, where you both do nothing but chill for the entire day. Bake your pet some delicious homemade treats or cookies, run your favorite movie marathons or spend time in the bubble bath to get charged up for the rest of the week.

3 – Follow the tradition of special gifting

There’s no dog or cat in the world that doesn’t love new treats or toys. This time, buy some Valentine’s Day toys or delicious treats for these loved ones, and they’re surely gonna love you more for this. You can also visit, where we are running a huge Valentine’s Day Sale with unbelievable discounts on your pet’s favorite products. To spice things up, make sure you wrap the gifts nicely so that they get even more excited about unwrapping the packaging by themselves!

4 – Set up a playdate

Wish your pet could go on a date just like you? Why not set up a playdate for your pet with other pets. As much as they enjoy spending time with you, pets enjoy playing with their other furry friends. You can arrange a nice love-themed date and arrange pet food, treats and toys for them so that they can have a really good time.

5 – Indulge in a pampering session

Massage and spa day are another great way of celebrating this special day. Visit a pet-friendly spa or take your pet to a specialty salon or a pet store with spa services, and maybe get a new haircut for you and your pet. Dog spas also provide a variety of grooming services, including dog-friendly facials and more. So, hit the salon and get ready for a romantic date with each other!

6 – Do a heart-themed photoshoot

If you are skeptical about going out in crowded places during these times of COVID-19, doing a photo shoot at your home is something you should consider this year. Take some snazzy Valentine’s Day-themed photos of you and your pet that you can cherish forever. You can do so by decorating your home and backyard with heart-shaped balloons, red roses and LED lights.

7 – Finally, ask them out!

The big day of love is all about asking your love out, isn’t it? If you have ever fancied asking out your loved one, ask out your true love, your pet. Get all dressed up, set up a cute dinner date with them and express to them how much you love them and what they mean to you. If you feel you need to pen down and rehearse your lines, do that as well.  

And, let us tell you the biggest perk—there is no risk of getting rejected!