Revolution Plus For Cats- A Powerful 6 In 1 Parasitic Treatment
Revolution Plus For Cats- A Powerful 6 In 1 Parasitic Treatment
Cats make absolute purrfect pets but sadly, these balls of fur can succumb to many health issues. And the most common issues faced by them are parasites. These pesky critters can wreak havoc at any given time of the year. Hence, it so important to keep your kitty safe and well protected.

The best way to protect your beloved four-legged feline is by putting them on a parasite preventative schedule. And speaking of preventatives, there’s no better cat preventative in the market than Revolution Plus. Read on to know more about this amazing topical treatment.

What Is Revolution Plus For Cats?

Revolution Plus is a broad spectrum topical treatment for cats and young kittens over the age of 8 weeks. It helps in treating and controlling flea and tick infestations. The topical is also effective against intestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms. Besides, it helps in treating ear mites as well as biting lice. It also helps in curbing flea allergy dermatitis. Also, Revolution Plus can act as a great heartwormer. Thus, with so many uses, Revolution Plus is regarded as a powerful 6-in-1 treatment for cats.

Revolution Plus For Cats – How Does It Work?

Revolution Plus topical is made up of two active ingredients – Selamectin and Sarolaner. Both these components work together well in getting rid of many parasites. They seep into the skin and reach into the bloodstream. Thereafter, it attacks the nerve cells and paralyses the pests before eliminating them. The components also helps in killing fleas before they lay eggs. And by doing so, it prevents future parasite infestations.

Revolution Plus – Key Benefits

By now, most of you know what an amazing treatment Revolution Plus actually is. Let’s look at some of its key benefits.

· Wonderful topical treatment for cats only

· Easy to apply

· Treats and controls fleas and ticks

· Effective against hookworms and roundworms

· Helps in preventing heartworm infection

· Gets rid of ear mites and biting lice

· Curbs flea allergy dermatitis

· Provides protection from parasites for one month

· Safe for kittens and cats over 8 weeks of age

Revolution Plus – How To Use?

Since this treatment is a topical one, it is pretty easy to administer on your feline. All you need to do is, follow these simple steps.

· First, pick the appropriate pack size as per the age and weight of your cat.

· Take the product out from its pack and break the seal open.

· Part the fur at the base of your kitty’s neck.

· Now empty all the contents in the topical onto the visible skin.

· Allow the solution to dry before bathing the pet.

· Repeat the procedure after a month for better results.

Final Thought

We’d like to end by saying that Revolution Plus is the advanced version of the regular Revolution for cats. It is better in terms of efficacy and effectiveness. Moreover, it helps in treating more parasites than any other topical. Hence, it is the best topical for cats currently. You can get this topical solution at the most effective rate only on VetSupply. So what are you waiting for? Go hop over to Australia’s best online pet care store and get Revolution Plus for your cats NOW!