Reasons to Invest in a Cat Scratching Post
Reasons to Invest in a Cat Scratching Post
Cats have natural tendencies to hunt, scratch, bite into things, and if they are unable to do these activities while indoors, owners need to come up with the right supplies to channel their urges.

Cats have natural tendencies to hunt, scratch, bite into things, and if they are unable to do these activities while indoors, owners need to come up with the right supplies to channel their urges. All owners hate it when their feline friends scratch their furniture, especially couches and sofas. If you want to avoid such behavior and rescue your furniture, you should invest in a cat scratching post. The good news is that there are so many amazing products out there to make your life and your pet’s life a lot easier. Another great example is an alternative to traditional cat litter, cat litter crystals.

What Is a Cat Scratching Post

Cats scratch, it is in their natural behavior and this is an issue for many homeowners, because they end up with ruined furniture and other elements in their homes. A cat scratching post is ideal for a feline, because it has scratching surfaces covered in sisal and other materials. This will redirect their behavior and not run their claws over your sofa, carpet, and other household items. Cats should not be punished because they scratch, especially since there are so many great products out there that provide them the needed relief.

Scratching posts come in all shapes and sizes, some are horizontal, while others vertical, some feature additional sitting areas, toys hanging around, beds, and more. Cats scratch due to various reasons. For example, they have scent glands in their paws and when they scratch surfaces, they leave their scent, so that it is perceived by other felines. Even if they are inside, they keep this behavior active, they want to claim territory and warn other cats that they should stay away.

Why Cat Litter Crystals

There are several cat litter options on the market these days and so many brands to choose from. Some of them are more accepted by cats, while others require some time to get used to. Owners want to benefit from a cleaner house, less smell, easy clean-up process, and making sure their feline is safe while using the litter. Besides the usual litter you might have heard about  cat litter crystals . These are highly popular and for all the good reasons. They produce less waste; owners need to simply scoop out the waste and at the end of the month throw away the dirty litter.

Many owners don’t like the fact that cats spread around sand after using the litter box and some even develop allergies. Silica litters are dust-free, and they don’t help develop bacteria and mold, because the box is kept dry. Silica cat litter is easier to transport, it is available in smaller packages and you can use a bag once a month, so you don’t have to carry a heavy bag of traditional litter all away in the house. It is a greener option as well, because the crystals have to be changed less often and this reduces carbon footprint.

Looking after a cat implies great responsibility, but at the same time you take advantage of so many amazing benefits. To keep your kitty happy and healthy, you need to provide not only food and shelter, but also look into their needs. Scratching is a great way to relieve stress, to stretch their bodies, to promote nail health, and to remove old nail sheaths. Adding a  cat scratching post  in your home is a great solution, especially if you choose one suitable for your feline, long enough to provide it a good stretch and designed from durable materials that withstands daily scratches.

Kittens need to burn excess energy, and while they use scratching posts to scratch, they can use it to play as well. Many posts come with hanging mice, feathers, so they can easily get accustomed to a new home and have the freedom they need. Owners looking into an inexpensive option can purchase cardboard posts that are easy to replace and provide enough space for a cat to stand and scratch on. Sisal and carpet covered posts are more durable and versatile.

In case your cat is reticent to using the post at first, you can spread some catnip around to make it seem more appealing. Give it some time and patience, and try different models, because you never know which one works the best. The same principle applies to cat litter crystals, it all depends on what your feline prefers. Since there are so many brands out there, you will certainly find the right one.