Prohibited Dog Species in Australia
Prohibited Dog Species in Australia
Dogs have been considered men’s best friends for decades. There are only a fewer better places for pets like dogs than Australia. The land of Kangaroos has always been welcoming for mostly all types of animals. But wait, not all dog species are embraced in Aussie land. There are a few banned dog breeds in Australia and if you are caught having any of such dog species, you could be in trouble and can face severe consequences.

This blog will enlist some of these banned dog breeds in the country. Read through to find out more on this:

1 – Pitbulls

Pit bulls are known as attacking dogs and carry a reputation as one of the dangerous dog breeds. These dog breeds carry extensively strong physique and their immense muscular strength makes them ideal for dog fights.

These dogs are gentle and loving in nature, but their competitive instincts make them one of the best fighting dogs. Pit bulls are intelligent, and inborn hunters. They have a tendency to kill anything that moves past them quickly, such as squirrels, mice, or even cats, and thus don’t make a choice if you have smaller pets at home.


2 – Dogo Argentinos

Another dog breed tarnished as a result of dog fights is Dogo Argentinos. These breeds generally carry bright white coats and are caring and loving in nature. These dogs are tolerant and often known as thick-skinned that can easily get along well with louder households.

Dogo Argentinos were bred for hunting games. They were also famous as intense chasers and were extensively used for the purpose of bringing down wild boars. These dogs are praised for their loyalty and can serve as phenomenal watchdogs.


3 – Japanese Tosa

Originally raised in Tosa territory of Japan, Japanese Tosas were initially bred for fighting purposes. Other than Australia, these breeds are banned in countries like the UK, New Zealand, and Denmark. Japanese Tosas are healthy breeds, and need appropriate outings and workouts.

Tosa breeds tend to be aggressive with regard to unknown people and other animals, hence definitely not an option for keeping them home. These dogs are extremely difficult to tame and need intense training to domesticate.


4 – Fila Brasileiro

Developed in Brazil, Fila Brasileiro is also known as Brazilian Bloodhound, Brazilian Mastiff and Fila. There’s a famous saying ‘faithful as Fila’ for reasons. Filas are high energy dogs and have a tendency to see everything as a prey smaller in size, so not the best of options if you have a smaller animal in the house.

Fila Brasileiro were bred to chase down farm animals and for hunting purposes. They are one of the largest, energetically willful and determined dog breeds among all dog breeds. Filas are quick to act and can switch from relaxing to charging towards you in seconds.



As mentioned throughout this blog, dog fighting has led to the turn of some canines into harmful four-foot creatures. If they were provided with appropriate care and training, these dogs could have served the people of Australia with their unconditional love and companionship.