How to Choose the Right Bird Cages
How to Choose the Right Bird Cages
Offering suitable living conditions to birds is essential to make sure they will be happy and healthy.

Offering suitable living conditions to birds is essential to make sure they will be happy and healthy. This means investing in quality and suitable bird cages and parrot toys, also food, supplements, treats, swings, and more. For each product there are many options available, materials to choose from, sizes, colors, and it is easy to become overwhelmed at a certain point, especially if you don’t know where to start. However, there are a few simple guidelines for every product type and as long as you remember and take them into account choosing the right product becomes easier.

What Bird Cages to Choose

One of the most important aspects of bird cages is size. The larger the bird the larger the cage and this should not come as a surprise. A canary or a finch might be fine with staying in a small space, but once you have a larger bird, you have to buy the largest cage. If it doesn’t have enough space it will develop unhealthy behavior, such as biting, screaming, plucking feathers, and more. the bird should be able to walk inside the cage, spread its wings, and don’t forget that it needs enough space for food bowls, perches, swings, and toys.

The next important aspect is location. The area where you will place the bird has to be away from drafts and windows, but in an active part of the house, so that you can socialize with your pet and it doesn’t end up bored. Think about where you will place the cage and if you have enough space in that area. Another important aspect is bar spacing. Birds should not be able to squeeze through, especially if you get a small one, because they can get stuck and hurt themselves. Larger birds prefer horizontal bars, so they can climb easily and exercise.

Why Parrot Toys

Many bird owners focus on their pet’s diet and nutrition, but their mental health is also very important. Some owners are lucky to spend most of the day with their pet, offering them attention, teaching them how to talk, whistle, sing, cuddle with them. However, some owners work most of the day and birds are left alone in cages. What can they do for 8-10 hours a day? Many of them become bored and depressed and they start to develop a negative attitude. Offering suitable  parrot toys  is the answer, because your pet will benefit from hours of entertainment and exercise.

Birds in captivity don’t have the opportunity to engage socially and in activities they would normally take part in the wild. Playtime is essential, as important as nutrition. They have a natural craving to forage and chew, in the wield they are very active and playful. In young birds, playtime is part of the learning process, because they start identifying different colors, textures, shapes, they develop dexterity and coordination. Toys are necessary to encourage exercising throughout the day and channel their inner aggression. This way, they will not become aggressive towards owners and they direct the behavior towards toys.

Birds need housing of their own, they need  bird cages  where they can spend time, play, eat, and sleep. The style of a cage is an important aspect, because you can find on the market round or square shapes, some of them can be hung or placed on stands. Many birds prefer angled cages and some specialists even recommend them. Always assess the quality of a product before buying it. The cage has to be sturdy and solid, without any sharp edges or loose parts. Some of the best models are designed from stainless steel, because they are easy to clean, non-toxic, and will not chip.

A sturdy cage offers birds and owners many years of use. Just as owners like their home and want to decorate it in a certain way, birds think the same. Their cage needs to be spacious and well-designed and it should be filled with accessories, perches, colorful toys, so that your bird is properly entertained.

The good news is that a pet shop has all the products you need for your bird. You can choose from so many types of parrot toys, designed especially for the breed you have. It is best to buy several toys and change them periodically, so that your pet does not get bored easily. Also, inspect toys periodically and make sure they are in good shape and don’t present any hazards, such as chocking because of loose parts.