Y Strainer Manufacturer in USA
Y Strainer Manufacturer in USA
A Y Strainer is mostly used in gas, liquids, pressurised systems. Y-Strainers are designed for applications which require little maintenance, cleaning and contain modest amounts of solid particles.

Valvesonly is a reputed Y strainer Manufacturer in USA. A Y Strainer is mostly used in gas, liquids, pressurised systems. Y-Strainers are designed for applications which require little maintenance, cleaning and contain modest amounts of solid particles. In a Y strainer, the filter is connected to the main pipe at a diagonal angle, giving the strainer the “y” shape. They are commonly used in steam, liquid or gas, but can also be applied in vacuum or suction situation. They usually have lower dirt holding capacity than the “T” type strainers. They require frequent cleaning. They can be installed in either horizontal or vertical position.

Applications of Y Strainer:

In numerous industries, such as chemical processing, petroleum, power generation, and maritime, Y-Strainers are employed in a range of liquid straining applications to safeguard downstream process system components. Y-Strainers are commonly used in water handling applications to protect equipment from being damaged or blocked by undesirable sand, gravel, or other debris. They are mostly used in applications that deal with liquid and steam applications.

What is the function of a Y Strainer?

The simplest explanation for a Y Strainer's function is that it absorbs contaminated flow and cleans it before returning it to the source. Anything that isn't regarded worthy is kept and disposed of later. Here's a rundown of the many components that make the Y strainer work.


·         Body Material: Cast iron, Cast steel (WCB, WCC, WC6, LCC, LCB), Stainless steel (SS304, SS316, A105, F304, F304L, F316, F316L).

·         Class: 150-1500,

           PN10 - PN100.        

·         Size: ½” to 32”.

·         Connection type: Buttweld Y Strainer,

                              Flanged Y Strainer,

                              Socket weld Y Strainer. 


Industries that can use Y Strainers:              

·         Y strainers are used in Oil industry.

·         Y strainers are used in Petrochemical industry.


Advantages of Y Strainer:

·         Used in various applications

·         They can be installed vertically as well as horizontally

·         This type of strainer is cost effective

·         When compared to basket strainer Y strainers can resist higher pressure ranges.

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