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System For School Management - Edneed
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Web based system for school management and its benefits

What is a Web based system for school management?

Web based system for school management is a useful tool that makes it easier to manage schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. It provides a variety of modules to assist staff members and teachers in keeping track of students' academic progress and important records.

Administrators, accountants, registrars, and office managers can all access it anytime, anywhere, and it unifies various school departments and functions. Software for school administration also facilitates automation of admissions, class scheduling, attendance, etc. To provide effective automation, it integrates with your current tools, including a billing tool, grade book tool, and classroom management software.

Modules and Features of Web based system for school


School Information Management: Calculating the number of faculties, students, and classrooms helps schools manage admissions, divide classrooms, track student registration, produce and distribute exam admit cards, and more.


Campus management: By automating routine tasks, this module enhances workflows. You can schedule appointments, create gate passes, manage visitors and security, and administer schools using this tool.


Student administration: It gives complete details about students, from their admission to their present situation. It might contain their bios, images, guardian and family information, reports, etc.


Faculty management: The module aids in allocating classes to instructors, planning timetables, and assisting faculties in lesson planning. Additionally, it keeps tabs on their attendance and enables teachers to exchange data with other educators.


Exam management: It determines exam eligibility, develops exam questions, allots classrooms, assesses exam results, and produces reports.


Management of attendance and leaves: The software keeps track of students' attendance using their ID cards, biometrics, or a register. It keeps track of what students, teachers, and other staff members bring in and take out as well as their absences.


Payroll and fee management: Student management software creates fee planning, groups students into fee plans, and produces reports and fee receipts, among other things. Additionally, it manages payroll for teachers and staff, including payslip generation, tax deduction, reimbursement management, and payroll calculation.

Benefits of web based system for school

Higher Efficiency

Using a Web based system for school management, you can accurately and efficiently store and manage data about students, parents, staff, and teachers. The data can also be updated and modified more quickly than with conventional techniques.

Simple to use

Web based system for school management is simple to use for anyone who is computer literate. Parents, teachers, and children can all access it on their smartphones or computers with ease thanks to its straightforward user interface. Furthermore, you can quickly inform them of exams, costs, report cards, events, dues, meetings, and other important information.


Greater transparency regarding attendance, exam results, fee information, etc. between students and schools is made possible by school management software. Thus, accurate information and the availability of a full information view foster greater trust.

Precise tracking

With a Web based system for school, keeping track of attendance for your students, teachers, and staff is simple. Additionally, it aids in keeping an eye on things like fee submissions, reports, dues, and other things that might be overlooked.

Time and money are saved

The use of a Web based system for school management reduces the amount of time needed to complete time-consuming, tedious, and repetitive tasks. It can automate them, giving you more time to focus on other things. Additionally, it is economical because you can manage everything from a single piece of software without spending money on expensive systems.

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