School Management System Kenya
School Management System Kenya
Glitex School System is a user-friendly School Management System in Kenya. It has a dashboard, where you can see all relevant information about your institute in one place.

What is a School Management System?

A school management system can be defined as a platform designed to enable the efficient running of your institution through digitization and automation of various academic and administrative operations. The software will play the role of a school data management system and allow you complete jobs involving bulk data management flawlessly and quickly.

The pandemic has changed the way the world used to operate. The biggest change has possibly been experienced by educational institutions. This has made it mandatory for all schools to use intelligently designed school management software.

These tools would be beneficial for all stakeholders. Parents will be able to use them for monitoring the academic progress of their children. Teachers can use them to make the process of conducting online classes much simpler. The school admin will see the process of keeping track of online payments become more effortless than ever before. Students, on the other hand, will get to stay in touch with all the classmates from any given location 24/7.

A well-designed school management system will reduce the workload of staff, help both students and teachers to save time, enable cost reduction, and also enhance data security. All these will eventually increase your institution’s cost-effectiveness and productivity.

What Types of Institutions Can Use the System?

Glitex Solutions, one of the most trusted tracking and management system of current times, has been created keeping in mind all the needs of educational Institutions. Thus, it can be used effectively by all kinds of educational Institutions like universities, colleges, schools, vocational Institutions, training Institutions, and more.

The school management solutions offered by Glitex can be tailored according to the specific requirements of your institution. You can have it integrated with various other platforms for simplifying, streamlining, and automating the multi-process actions taking place in the institution. your school. Additionally, the system will make all crucial data of your institution more visible and you will have easy access to every piece of information. School administration will no longer be a tiring job.

School Management Software Modules

Glitex school management software has a series of modules. Each solves a different purpose. The section below talks about some of the most prominent ones among them.

Online Registration Management: You can use this ERP software for the school to conduct the entire admission process virtually. The software will make the steps like form submission and admission tracking extremely easy. As a result, the administrator will be able to process more forms and the chances of human errors will be almost zero.

Attendance Management: This module of the Glitex school ERP system works by using a biometric tracking system, which enables 100% accurate attendance recording. As a result, teachers don’t need to spend several minutes to find out which student is attending the class, and which one is absent. With the Glitex school attendance management system, a single click is enough for generating flawless attendance reports.

Student Information SystemTeachers and the school admin can gain access to admission details and personal information of students within just seconds thanks to Glitex online school management software. You can also use the software to add student categories, manage subject info, add more students to batches, etc. All these allow educational Institutions to manage multiple batches and courses without any hindrance.

School Fee Management: Educational institutions can use the Glitex school management system to simplify the fees collection process, automate transactions, and produce detailed financial reports. Staff would be able to keep track of pending fees and fees collection in real-time and there will be no chance of committing mistakes. The school fee management software would generate different fee structures, fee receipts, customized reports, and send alerts to parents whenever the fee is due.

Exam and Result Management: You will be able to carry out online exams, track students’ progress, and customize report cards using the Glitex system. The software will ensure that there are no unnecessary expenses and wastage of paper during the exam. It will allow you to conduct both objective and descriptive type exams and generate reports promptly. There will be no need of printing the report cards, which is good news for conservation activists.

The Glitex school result management system will assess the performance of every student and come up with assessment reports. These reports will not only help teachers to determine the areas that they need to focus on more but will also assist parents and children to understand where exactly they are falling short.

Library Management: The advent of virtual libraries is one of the best things that could have happened to mankind. If your institution has a virtual library, encourage all students to spend time there. The Glitex library management system will keep track of every book your students are reading. This would help you to comprehend the choices of different students and add more books to the library based on those choices. The software will also keep a record of searches for books.

Staff Information and Payroll Management: Handling your school’s human resource department will become easier than ever if you have access to this online school management software. The software will allow you to administer every human-resource-related process accurately without putting in too much time and effort. You will be able to complete tasks like leave management, employee attendance calculation, payroll assignment, payslip generation, etc. within seconds.

Inventory Management: The software will allow you to keep a close eye on every item in the school without putting in any additional effort. You can keep track of everything the school has even from remote locations.

Transport Management: The software will help you to track the movements of every student through a dedicated transport module. The GPS-enabled module helps the school admin to have access to the live location of students. This allows them to provide every student with added security.

Advantages of School Management Software

Recent years have witnessed the introduction of various technologies in the education sector. What’s even more inspiring is that the technologies used for education are evolving with changing needs.

School management systems are allowing students to attend classes virtually and have access to classroom notes. Thanks to these systems, the pandemic has failed to stop the students from continuing their studies. They are interacting with teachers as easily as they used to do in their offline classes.

Read on to know about the advantages offered by the Camu cloud-based school management software.

Easy Interface: The main reason behind the growing popularity of the Camu school management system is its user-friendly interface. The interface is simple and thus can be handled easily by students of all age groups, teachers, as well as parents. You don’t need to be technologically sound for using the software seamlessly. A few days of use will make you comfortable with it.

Personalized access: Both the school and the students (and their parents) will have personalized access to the platform. The admin of the educational institution can use the school database management system to manage students, exams, fee collection, human resources, and more. Teachers will get to use the software for conducting online classes, interacting with students, assessing their performance, etc. Students can use it for attending classes, taking down class notes, interacting with fellow students whenever they want, and more. What’s more, they would also have access to the virtual library of the school 24/7.

Easy to learn and use: You may be technologically challenged it would not be difficult for you to learn about various features of the software and then use them effectively. This feature makes it a perfect addition for educational institutions of all levels, from junior schools to universities.

Free Demo: Learning to use this cloud-based school management software is even easier due to the availability of a free demo. The demo will teach you the nitty-gritty of the software before you place your order. This means you’ll be investing only if you find the system useful. The free demo is detailed enough for you to begin using the school management system immediately after getting access to it.

Live Support: If the free demo is not enough for you, get in touch with the experts representing the company. Camu provides all its users with 24/7 Live Support. If you have any confusion about the product or face any issues when using it, don’t hesitate to join the live chat on their website. The experts chatting with you will solve your problems promptly.

Multi-User Friendly: The software can be used by many users simultaneously. So, you’ll not need to worry about the number of students, teachers, or administrators when giving them access to the platform.

Data Security: Being a school record management system, the software stores lots of confidential information. These include vital financial data as well as other sensitive information of staff and students. The good news is that you’ll not need to worry about data security when sharing vital details on the system. The software uses the most advanced security features, which ensure that all your details will remain duly protected and no third-party users will be able to gain access to them.

Cost Saving: The school management system will increase the efficiency of the staff and allow teachers to focus only on improving their teaching skills. Managing educational Institutions flawlessly will require much less effort. Schools will need less staff than they used to need before the advent of the management systems. Tasks will get completed faster. The expenses on printing, energy, paper, etc. would decrease significantly. So, the Institutions will see a notable decrease in their annual expenditure.

SMS and Email Integration: The software will make communication easier by allowing email and SMS integration. Teachers, students, and the admin will get to exchange emails and messages between them without the need of opening any other application.

Cloud Facilitation: All the actions discussed above will take place online. This makes Camu a cloud-based school management system.

As a result of being a cloud-based platform, the system can be used from any location. Students and teachers can have access to the platform and all the stored data from the comfort of their home, which is allowing the schools to run smoothly even during the era of social distancing. The other prominent advantages of cloud facilitation include data mobility, reliability, and backup.

How to Choose School Management Software?

Study the software used in other schools: Check various software other schools are using. Analyze the features of those systems and find out how useful they will be for your school and the students. Pick a system that would have all the useful features shortlisted by you after evaluating various school management software.

Understand the total cost of ownership of the software: Ideally, you shouldn’t opt for any management software that comes for free. That’s because you cannot expect those free systems to offer similar efficacy as the paid ones. However, when subscribing to paid software, you must be extra cautious. Make sure that the software doesn’t come with any hidden charges. Carry out thorough research to determine the overall expenses you’ll need to bear to get ownership of the software.

Understand the features of the software: Check the demo version of the software to understand the features it comes with. Invest in the system only if you find the features useful. The product should work as a school result management system, human resource manager, finance manager, and more.

Understand the Unique Challenges of your Institution: What works for others does not have to work for you. You need to understand the unique challenges of your institution, differentiate between must have and nice to have features. Focus on what you need in immediate short term and the long term

Decide to host the software offline or online: Ask yourself whether you would want the software to be online or on-premises. In the current situation, it would be a good idea to opt for an online school management system.